A Relaxing Kinda, Do Nothin' Day...Sorta

After our side trip to L.A., Robby declared Day 5 of our BIG, FAT FAMILY VACATION to be a more relaxed, laid back day. Hey! That wasn't a problem for me...or anyone else for that matter.

We all slept in and got up in shifts, each eating our own little breakfasts as we arose. I knew that it was supposed to be a "Relaxing, Do Nothing Day", but I figured that by afternoon everyone would be ready to get out of the house. It was only about 63 degrees outside and "June Gloom" had set in for the day. For those of you who are not familiar with this phenomenon, it is something that occurs in June (and May; called Gray May...) here in the San Diego area. The clouds hang low to the ground, causing an overcast, gloomy looking day that usually burns off by the afternoon. Well, WE weren't gloomy...it was sort of like a fall day for us southerners and I was quite enjoying it; I knew that back home the temperatures were running over 100 degrees every day. So, after that relaxing, laid back morning, I had come up with a plan for the afternoon.

I knew that the guys (Ryan in particular...) would NOT be up for any more shopping but the girls DEFINITELY would be...and a plan was hatched! I suggested that the guys drop the girls off in the Gaslamp Shopping District in downtown San Diego, while they headed over to the Floating Midway Museum. everybody liked that idea, so by early afternoon, we were off.

As fate would have it, Robby dropped us off right in front of a little shop that instantly caught my eye; "Goga"..by Gordana...you remember, Project Runway top 4 from Season 6! OH MY GOSH!!! I went in to look around and she was there, just working on some new clothing designs. We visited with her for a while and YES! I got a couple of SUPER CUTE outfits from there. Surprisingly, her designs were not outrageously priced. Happy with my purchases and getting to meet the designer, we girls headed down to Horton Plaza, where LOTS of shops could be found. We had barely made it through 2 more stores when the guys were already calling to say that they were on their way back. WHOA...they would just have to park and come find us; we weren't quite through yet.

My mother-in-law was looking for a dress to wear to my nephew's wedding, Codi was still looking for promised souvenirs for her nieces and Caitlin was looking for another fedora. I also suggested that Robby and I purchase his dad's Father's Day gift while we were out. However, as the day wore on, one thing became evident to me...I was pretty sure I had contracted pink eye from Parker Ann (sigh...). Parker was recovering from pink eye when we left for our trip and I knew this. I also knew how many times I had, had it myself and how prone I was to getting it. Now, with 2 days left of our vacation, I found myself with red, painful,watery eyes. We located a pharmacy in Horton Plaza and the pharmacist told us what I already knew...I would have to get a doctor to call a prescription in for me. Fortunately, Robby called one of his partners, who is a doctor, and I got those prescription eye drops. We were ready to head back to the house for dinner in again and perhaps a little game of cards.

Steaks and fish were grilled, homemade pasta prepared along with a salad prepared from that fresh produce and 2 loaves of bread. We all ate together at the big table, talking and laughing while Parker sat at my feet clanging a couple of spoons together. THIS was what vacation was all about...spending time together with family. A rematch of cards was played and then everyone turned in for the evening. Our last day of vacation would be the next day. We had a little something already planned, but I was sure that everyone would want to run around and soak up the last bit of San Diego that they could!

I gave my camera to the guys for the day and told them to take some pictures of THEIR adventure to the Floating Midway Museum...Here's the result of that!

Thanks, Guys!  You did a GREAT job...and I know you enjoyed your little adventure by the smiles on your faces.  (FYI..."Midway" is one of Robby's FAVORITE movies.)

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