Patriotic Paint Party!!!

I am a watercolorist.  I used to paint not only at home, but in a local studio weekly.  While there, I met lots of really great people.  We would listen to music while we painted all day long and basically it was just a very relaxing, fun day.  Several of those friends have joined together to open a new studio called, "Red Door Art".

"Red Door Art" is such a quaint little studio...and YES, it does have a "red" door!  Originally, they just set up their personal studios and a gallery, but then someone had a WONDERFUL idea; "Paint Parties"!  The artists come up with designs and then make  paintings that can be taught to people who have never previously painted before.  Easels templates, paint and brushes are set up on tables, snacks and drinks are brought and VOILA' have a "Paint Party"!

I had never been to a "Paint Party", but had seen many photos of other people who had gone to them.  The painting were so cute and the party, itself, looked like so much fun.  So, when my friend sent out a message on Facebook that she had 3 openings for a party this week, I jumped on it.  Caitlin also paints.  Her specialty is fleur de lis and she uses acrylics to paint with most of the time.  I asked her if she would be interested in going to the party with me and excitedly she said, "YES!"

This was the "Perfect" party for us to attend since the theme was "Patriotic Fleur de Lis".  We LOVE fleur de lis and our family has a HUGE 4th of July bash every year.  Arriving, we found that there were two room set up with ladies ready to paint.  After greeting all of my old artist friends, Caitlin and I found a seat and readied ourselves for the class to begin. 

Step by step, one of the artists guided us through the process of creating our painting.  The music was turned on, we grabbed a glass of wine...and then before we knew what had happened, Caitlin and I were creating an "original" patriotic fleur de lis painting!  I say, "original" because basically we only used the suggested idea of a fleur de dis and the colors, red, white and blue.  The example painting had a solid red background with splahes of white and a blue fleur de lis with a white striped middle section.  On one side were fireworks, the other side sported stars; coming out of the top one could see lady liberty.  But, HEY...that's the great thing about art; having your own ideas and doing you own thing!  OK...and I sort of have problems following rules and coloring inside the lines!

Everyone else also began to put their own mark on their paintings too and they all looked beautiful...and just in time for the 4th of July!  Caitlin and I plan on displaying these paintings, along with our other patriotic decorations for our big 4th of July bash coming up soon.  The "Patriotic Paint Party" was great fun...I think we might do it again!

Visit "Red Door Art" On Facebook and see all of the other cute painting creations!

"Red Door Art" has open paint parties, private paint parties and paint parties for children too.

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