Our BIG, FAT Family Vacation!!!

Every year since our family has been in existence, we have taken a "family vacation".  It has become a tradition of ours that we all look forward to each year.  This year is no different, except for the fact that we are now having to become more flexible and creative, due to the fact that LOTS is going on in the ever expanding group of people we call our FAMILY.

Robby and I have traveled to almost every state with our children. We believe that traveling is an opportunity to learn about not only other areas of our world, but the people that live there and their traditions.  As our family has grown, with two now married and one with a child, we STILL intend to continue this tradition with EVERYBODY involved. 

The way this thing works is that we usually spend some time looking for a great destination.  Most are just happy with whatever we decided on and are not really involved in the "process" of picking a place.  However, Ryan really enjoys helping us decide where we should go each year.  Last year, was  very odd because neither Justin and Sarah nor David and Codi could come on the "family vacation".  Sarah was pregnant and David and Codi were getting married.  So, although we took a wonderful vacation to San Francisco, Napa Valley and Yosemite National Park, only Ryan, Caitlin, Robby and I, along with my in-laws were able to enjoy exploring California.  This year EVERYONE would be able to enjoy a "family" trip...even if it did have to be done in shifts!

With Ryan and David both in professional schools, we had to get a little creative here.  There would be trip one, which Ryan would be able to go on, but David would not.  And trip two, that David would be able to go on, but Ryan would not.  Well, shucks!  Two summer vacations?!  I guess I will just have to somehow suffer through that!  So, as the "planning phase" began, Ryan started the search.  He sent me a list of the top 10 places to visit and upon receiving that list, we had already done several of them.  The calls were already coming in from the others wanting to know, "Where are we going?  Where are we going?"  I told them we weren't sure yet.  There had gotten to be so many of us a condo or hotel just wasnt' going to do any more; we had to try to find a house...and a 12 person van!

In the end, we found a WONDERFUL destination...a GREAT house...and LOTS of things to do in an area where the temperatures are FANTASTIC for this big, fat, southern family's vacation!  OH...you want to know WHERE we are going???  I'll tell you in my next post, complete with pictures!

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