What To Do...What To Do, Now That We Are In San Diego...

Well, the "sleeping in thing" didn't happen on Day 1 in San Diego.   However, when I got up, I suddenly remembered WHY I LOVE California so much!  The wonderfully mild temperature... the beautiful landscape... the ocean...the mild temperatures...the fresh, locally grown produce...OH, and did I mention the GREAT temperature?!  Now, that we were here...what should we do on this lovely day?

I knew the perfect way to start our "BIG, FAT, FAMILY VACATION"...after breakfast (and LOTS of coffee...) we would all head out to the Farmer's Market which is held each Sunday from 9-1.  So, we all piled in that big old van and headed out to do a little shopping.  Upon arriving, I could see that this market was quite large, set up around the grounds of a local elementary school, and the smells that were wafting through the air smelled absolutely yummy!

We hardly knew where to start since there were vendors of all sorts.  I knew that we would be dining in for all morning and evening meals (going out to dinner with 10 people is just impossible; not to mention very expensive...), so we were ready to begin perusing the fresh food items.  There were samples out for tasting and I had bought 2 loaves of fresh baked bread, when I found myself being drawn over to another vendor by Caitlin.  She and Codi were looking at those feathers that people are now getting put in their hair.  Caitlin actually already had some in her hair, but I could tell where this was going...she wanted some more!  In fact, she was SO convincing about getting those feather hair extensions...that she talked Codi, Sarah and even ME into getting some! (OK, I'll admit it...I really do like my purple and gold feathers!)

After getting all of those feathers in our hair, we were ready to finish shopping for our food items.  In addition to the fresh loaves of bread, we also bought blackberries, asparagus, pesto, pasta. oranges...OH, and avocados for that homemade guacamole that Robby was going to make for us to eat with tortilla chips!

We decided to leave the market and get a bite to eat for lunch.  It was really difficult getting out of there with the "cutest baby in the world" in tow!  People were stopping us left and right to tell us how adorable Parker Ann was...I couldn't say that I disagreed with them!

Then, we headed back to the house for a little dip in the pool, while Robby started the wood burning pizza oven for our homemade pizzas we would have for dinner.

After dinner, everybody played cards (while I blogged, of course...) and as they all  eventually headed off to bed, Ryan, Robby and I planned our next "adventure" for Day 2.  Today had been a very laid back, relaxing day...Day 2, I KNEW we would hit the ground running!

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  1. Farmers Market! Great way to start. I hear there is a shortage of feathers at bait shops. Too fun!