I Know A Baby Is On The Way But We Are Still Looking At Wedding Photos

Caitlin only married at the end of May.  Who knew that she would get pregnant so quickly.  But I really shouldn't be surprised at how quickly things move around here.  After all, I had my four children all basically on the heels of one another.  And after all, Robby DID tell all of them that he expected to have at least 16 grandchildren...that's four apiece or either somebody has to get busy and have more.  Anyway, Caitlin and I are just now choosing pictures for her wedding album and as I was going through some of them, I decided to let you all see some of my favorites.

Ashley Mitchell Photography, out of Dallas, Texas, was our photographer.  We, of course, asked for the usual posed photos to be taken, but I also asked her to take a lot of candid shots.  I believe those are the ones that really tell the story, show the emotions behind the scenes.  I hope you enjoy!

Isn't this a pretty shot of Caitlin and her bridesmaids out by an old barn?  It was actually taken on our way to the church.

This is one of my favorite shots.  It is of Caitlin and her middle brother, David.  From the moment I brought her home from the hospital, David was right beside her.  He had a pretty hard time letting go of her that day.

I absolutely love this photograph.  I think this just tells the precious tale of a father's love for his daughter.

                                     When the father cries, there is not a dry eye in the church.

I told someone that I looked like I was just in so much pain here.  Ashley really captured the moment; I was so sad that my only daughter would soon be moving so far away from me.

I think this shot was a favorite of everyone!  David and Justin walked me down the aisle and told me they were going to give me a "Justin, David Sandwich".

                I think this is just a precious photo of Caitlin and all of her little flower girls.

           I had no idea that this shot was even taken!  Haha...I think have to have this one.

This is such a bittersweet picture of Caitlin and me.  She chose to get ready for the wedding at home and have the photographer take photos in my bedroom.

                   Here is another shot of Caitlin and her bridesmaids out where the barn was.

Parker Ann was one of Caitlin's flower girls.  We had their dresses made by a lady on Etsy.  The hair pieces were made by Ooohlala Florals (click on her button on my blog) out of Dallas, Texas.

                                            Another flower girl; Rylee, cousin of the bride.

                                                  Flower girl, Brittney; cousin of the bride.

                                                     Flower girl, Leah; friend of our family.

                                                Ring (Nest...) Bearer; friend of our family.

                                                                    Dance with Dad...

  He might not have gotten to make the cake like he wanted to but he did get to help serve it up!

                                                       My sister and I talking to the bride.

One of my very best friends in the world and wedding coordinator/floral designer (Ooohlala Florals) with her three beautiful daughters.

I helped Caitlin change into my wedding dress that she had redesigned for the wedding reception.

                           Caitlin doing the "Money Dance" with her youngest brother, Ryan.

                                                     "Will you hold my money, Mom?"

                                                   YAY!  She caught me finally laughing.

And as the bride and groom drove away, Caitlin called her dad and me over to thank us for giving her the perfect wedding she had always dreamed of...

As you can see, I really have my work cut out for me because these are only a few of many, many photos I have to go through.  A big thanks goes out to everybody who helped make Caitlin's wedding a very special day for her.

***Photographs by Ashey Mitchell Photography out of Dallas, Texas.  She has a web site that you can visit:  www.ashleymitchellphotography.com ***

Tomorrow, I will post pictures of the beautiful decoration and flowers by Ooohlala Florals, also out of Dallas, Texas.  You can find her button on the left side bar of this blog to see her other creations, along with some beautiful shots of Caitlin at her Vintage Bridal Shoot.

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