The FAIR Came To Town...And, Of Course, We Went To It

I was really hoping that the Parish Fair would come to town before both Robby and I started traveling again.  I checked around and found out that indeed it would be here exactly two days before Robby and Justin left town on another hunting trip.  Of course, the first thing I did was to call Sarah and see if they would mind bringing Parker Ann in town for it.  She said, "Sure" so we made a plan to head out there on Day 1 of the Fair!

For some reason, last year we missed taking Parker to the Fair, so the only time she had ever been was when she was about 2 months old; this year promised to be LOTS more fun for a 2 year old!  I wasn't sure what she would like the best but if I had to place bets ahead of time, I would suspect it would be the barnyard full of animals and the cotton candy.  I wasn't too sure about the Midway; she might like the lights but I didn't think she would care to ride any of the rides.  The plan was for everyone to meet after work, meetings and errands.  Here's some shots of Parker Ann's visit to the Fair...

                                           Our first stop was the "4-H Baby Animal Barn"

It was SO much fun to watch Parker move from cage to cage as she heard the sounds coming from animals she had only previously seen in books.

                                She loved watching the baby ducks slide down into the water.

                                                 And actually getting to hold a baby chick!

So, I was right about the animals being a "Favorite"!  Next it was on to get some "Fair Food"!

We told her that she had to eat dinner before she got cotton candy.  She looked pretty excited about the hot dog too though.

Immediately after eating the hot dog, she and Poppi headed over to the Exchange Club's food booth, where they make the BIGGEST COTTON CANDY found at the Fair!

                Now THAT is one happy little girl!  And YES...she ate the WHOLE thing.

Parker rode in her stroller through the Midway and as I suspected, she did not ask to ride any of the rides, instead she just sat back in her stroller eating her cotton candy and enjoying looking at all of the bright lights...

The Fair was fun, especially through the eyes of a child.  And I was right...Parker's two "Fair Favorites" were the animals and the cotton candy.  Ya know, she is an awful lot like her Poppi...

                       It wouldn't be the Fair without his annual purchase of a candy apple!

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