Lots Of Rain and A Cool Front In The South Has Inspired Me To Decorate For Fall...

Fall is a foreign term, perhaps even a myth to those of us from the south.  This week began October and FINALLY we have received a little relief from the heat!

It rained...and rained...and rained some more this past weekend.  Although Robby and I knew that the forecast called for rain, we still decided to pack up on Friday afternoon and head to our home away from home; our lake house in Natchitoches, only 45 minutes away.

As the doxies and I started down the road, a few drops of rain began to fall.  However, it was not until much later in the evening that the real rain began.  And rain it did!  I hurriedly got on the Weather Channel's web site to see if this also meant that a cool front would be moving through (and hopefully staying for a while...).  Indeed a cool front was on the way!  And THIS fact alone inspired me start decorating my home for fall.

I just LOVE fall.  I love the colors; orange, red and yellow.  I love the smells; fresh bread baking in the oven, soups and gumbos simmering on the stove and of course, all of my favorite fall scented candles.  Fall, to me, is more of a new beginning to the year than New Year's Day is.  School starts back in fall and with it comes all of the new school supplies and uniforms and the end to long, hot, lazy summer days that will now turn into shorter, cooler, cozier ones by the fire.  SO...I guess you can tell that I REALLY LOVE FALL!  I love it so much that I have just tons of Halloween decorations and putting them out each year is something that I look forward to doing.  And so, on this first cool week that we were gifted with, I decided to bring all of those decorations down from the attic and begin preparing my home for Halloween!

I   took out all of my Halloween houses and figurines to decide where I would display them this year.

This was one of the first (and one of my favorite...) pieces I ever bought; not only does it light up, it also makes spooky sounds!

                             Here's another favorite; aren't those little trick-or-treaters cute?!

These little cuties are sitting on the bottom of my hall tree.  They are not breakable so it is safe to put them here since I am sure Parker Ann will enjoy playing with them.

                  And, of course, Halloween decorations wouldn't be complete with a black cat!

I also began to tackle that front door and it has started to look a little "fall-ish".  All it needs now is some super cute pumpkins to sit on the stoop.

                                   My dining room table is decked out in crisp fall colors too.

These black wicker chargers, golden antique plates, and leopard spotted martini glasses just SCREAM Halloween!

                                                 Love this spiderweb kitchen table runner.

                                          The mantle in the den also got a warm makeover.

Sitting nearby is the candy stash! I've had this Halloween Candy Pumpkin for YEARS.  Last year I put the pumpkin out before I got to the store to buy candy and every person who came into the house was disappointed to find it empty.  This year, I got the candy first!

Sitting on the counter in the guest bathroom is this little lighted figurine with doxies (couldn't leave my doxies out of the holiday spirit!).

And so THIS is how the cool front has inspired me to decorate for fall!  I hope that it has also inspired you to get geared up for this new, colorful season.  Next, I will be out searching for the perfect pumpkins to add to my decorations.  Parker Ann will be visiting this afternoon and we have great plans to visit the Pumpkin Patch...Look for pictures to follow of that adventure!

                                                                 HAPPY FALL, Y'ALL!!!

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  1. Oh, I think I can google a pumpkin martini recipe for those glasses. LOVE