New York City In A Flash! (Part 2)

Once we had our Metro Passes in our hands, we were set for the rest of the trip.  Although  New York can be considered a "walking city", it is spread out into many areas...many areas that we wanted to visit but didn't want to walk that far to or pay for a bunch of cab rides.  And so the first place we took the subway to was not even in New York; it was Hoboken, New Jersey!  Yep...we went to Carlo's Bakery (The Cake Boss)...

                                              Ahhh...There was SO much to choose from!

Standing in a long line...getting inside and being in a crush of people...waiting for our number to be called...ALL worth it to see this note attached to our box of goodies!

After we finished visiting Hoboken, we hopped back on the train and headed to Bleeker Street, where the Young Designer's Market can be found.  There is anything from jewelry to clothing to handbags at the market.  The area is quaint and artsy...I loved it.  On the way to the market, Baby Jarrell (and Mommy Jarrell...) decided they were craving gelato...

And then, after it turned dark, we headed back to the city to go to the Empire State Building.  I declared this to be one of two places menopausal women love.  While everyone on the observation deck was bundled up, I had my sweater off and was enjoying the cool breeze!

We were again tired and our feet were hurting a little by the time we made it back to our hotel room.  We needed to get our rest. Sunday would be our last day in New York...we weren't about to take it easy; we had to see as much as we could!

Sunday morning we woke up early and headed to the Metro.  We were going to walk to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge first thing!

I wasn't too happy that they were doing construction on the bridge; our pictures walking up wouldn't be as pretty (sigh...).  But we made it to the top and took some pretty good shots there.  This, I declared to be the second happiest place for a menopausal woman to be.  I once again found myself shucking my sweater off and enjoying the cool air!

After we got off the bridge, we headed to the Avenues of the Americas.  There are lots of familiar shops that can be found there, but we went to some that I had never been to before and actually got some really good deals!  One of the ones I could have spent hours in was, M&J Trimming.  It had all sorts of items for DIY projects.  Caitlin bought some stretchy ribbon to make pony tail holders out of...

I, personally liked this huge display of belting.  You could make any sort of belt you could possibly think of for a fraction of the cost you would buy one for in any store!

                              And this is the display of end pieces to put on the belts you make.

We shopped some more and then made our way down to Rockefeller Center...

We ended the night and our trip with dinner and dessert at Serendipity.  Known for their delicious desserts, the wait time to get in just for one of them can be up to an hour long.  And they don't take reservations for dessert, so I made a dinner reservation!  That way we were able to just walk up and get seated.

I heard that the Frozen Hot Chocolate was the dessert they were famous for so naturally I had to order one.  OK...Caitlin and I shared one!  And it was YUMMY!

We made our return trip to Time Square one last time before we headed back to our hotel.  It had been a fun four days in NYC but now it was time to start packing for our trip back home Monday.  We got into bed late and got only a few hours of sleep before we had to get up at 3:30 a.m. (ugh...) to prepare for our return flight.  It was sad to leave Caitlin at the airport, but I would be seeing her again in a few days.  She would be coming in for a week and a half visit!

As I buckled myself into my seat on the airplane, I was asleep before we ever took off.  I slept for the three hour flight back to Dallas and then for the 50 minute flight back to Alexandria.  And then I came home and took a LONG up...ate and went back to sleep.  I was super tired and jet lagged but our Girls' Trip to NYC had been well worth it!

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  1. Great trip, I have had that frozen hot chocolate at the restaurant in Las Vegas. Yum and we waited about 15 minutest to be seated. We were in line before they opened.