My Daughter's Vintage Wedding: Decorations and Floral Design

I had to post some photographs of the decorations and floral designs for Caitlin's wedding since she put so much thought into it.  We traveled to the Canton, Texas flea market, antique shops.  We borrowed antique items from family and friend, cut down trees and constructed light fixtures.  And we absolutely could not have pulled everything off without the help of my good friend and our wedding coordinator/floral designer, Lori Kees of Ooohlala Florals (click on her button on my left side bar), of Dallas, Texas.  You can actually see some wonderful photos on her site of Caitlin's Vintage Bridal Shoot that took place in Dallas.  But today, I just want to show you some of the unique items that were created for the wedding and how Lori helped Caitlin achieve her "Dream Wedding".

We decided to go very simple in the church, using some vintage items.  On the seats were these mossy twigs, white roses and burlap and white ribbon.  Burlap was a theme that, as you will see, was used throughout the entire wedding.

We purchased this little chandelier that hung from the arch and it now hangs in Caitlin's new home, in her guest bathroom.

The arch was made by her dad and a family friend out of antique doors that were then painted white.  Lori decorated it with vine and live flowers.  It was surrounded by bird cages that sat on tree stumps.

                      After the ceremony, the birdcages were then moved to the reception.

 The bride and groom's initials were made and hung with burlap on the entrance to the church sanctuary.  They now hang in Caitlin's new home.

This antique window was backed with burlap and guests signed the panes as they arrived for the wedding.  It also now hangs in Caitlin's new home.

     The flowers seen hanging from the guest sign in window were what the flower girls carried.

     In keeping with the "Vintage" theme, the ring bearer carried a bird's nest instead of a pillow.

The boutonnieres were made out of antique keys and scrabble pieces that had each groomsman's initial on it.

   The grandmothers wore a simple corsage made of baby's breath, wrapped with burlap.

The wedding programs were printed on these small, brown paper bags; a lady on Etsy made them for us.

The center bouquet is the bride's (notice it has feathers in it...).  The surrounding bouquets are the bridesmaids.  At the reception they were laid around the tree stump that held the bride's cake.

And speaking of the bride's was so awesome that I just had to post another picture of it!  Also keeping with the "Vintage" theme, the cake stood on a tree stump and notice the cute little birds on it too.  The cake was made locally by "The Cake Barn".

Notice the ribbon wall that hangs behind the cake.  It also had some burlap ribbon in it and was purchased from Etsy.

At the entrance to the reception sat on antique ladder (which Caitlin purchased from and antique shop) and vintage crate from the 1930's (her grandmother's).  Candles, vine, burlap, baby's breath and moss balls completed the picture.

The bridal portraits were framed in rustic frames at the reception in keeping with the vintage theme.

                                                 A sparkler display was set up by the door.

Each table at the reception was decorated differently, using burlap, antique bottles, small bird's nests and live flowers and small wood stumps.

Lori made this beautiful hair piece that the bride wore during the reception, along with my vintage wedding dress that Caitlin had redesigned.

                      Wooden, antique ironing boards were used for food and guest favors.

The bride's father, along with the groom and a family friend made the mason jar light fixtures that hung at the reception.

                                                        More unique table decorations.

Guest favors were placed in baskets lined with burlap.  The favors were scented soap sticks that were ordered from Etsy and small burlap bags were provided for guests to take their favors home in.

With Lori's help, Caitlin's "Dream Wedding" was achieved!  I would also like to thank EVERYONE else who helped us prepare for this wedding and reception. There was a team of about 14 people who came out the day before the wedding to help us decorate and without their help, we could NEVER have gotten it all done.  THANKS SO MUCH!


  1. Thanks for all the "shout outs". You were the two that had all the vision, it was great getting to help it all happen. Right now though no flowers on sight just two beautiful sleeping grand-daughters. I am the only one awake Mom and Dad are getting some extra sleep time.

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