Backyard Rennovation: We Have Bricks and Sheet Rock!

Well, it is now September, football season has officially started AND...we are still working hard to try to get this pool house finished.  I "think" I can see an end coming to this project (I think...).  We now have sheet rock and bricks up!
                    The sheet rock is up and has been taped and floated and the paint delivered!

                                                              And bricks are going up daily.
          The layout for my fireplace has been drawn and that should start going up tomorrow!
Little details are also beginning to appear.  I just love these Fleur de lis above the windows and doors.

However, all of this progress does not come with BIG messes everywhere...
                                            This is currently what my driveway looks like.
And do you see that big pile of sand?  That worries me.  There's not that much left to brick and there seems to be a lot of sand left.  I sure hope they take it with them when they leave!
                                                         And my garage?  It's hopeless...
                                 These doors even found their way into the boat storage area.
            My two chandeliers arrived just the other day too.  I can't WAIT to see them hanging!
And MY favorite part is finally here...picking out the paint colors, granite and all of those other little details that make a room special and homey.

Yes, this project seems to have already lasted FOREVER...BUT we sure will enjoy it when it is finished!

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