Books I Am Reading or Have Read: "Gone Girl"

I read a lot of books that people recommend to me.  Without recommendations, I would never have read the "Twilight" series or "The Hunger Games", both series of books that I loved and could not put down.  I began reading "Girl Gone", by Gillian Flynn on a recommendation.  The person reading it said she could not put it down it was such a compelling read.  Well, of course, I had to download it to my Kindle and begin reading it immediately.

I was very conflicted while reading this book.  Oh, not because it did not live up to being a "non put downable, compelling read", because THAT, it was.  While I understand that an author attempts to develop believable characters to draw the reader in, I also believe that some things can be overdone.  One of those things is the overuse of profanity.

"Gone Girl" is indeed a very compelling read.  It takes you into the mind and lives of a couple who met in New York and eventually move south where the unthinkable happens...the wife goes missing on the couple's anniversary and the husband becomes the prime suspect.  One of the reasons I found myself (despite the rough language) unable to put this book down was because every other chapter was devoted to the thoughts of the husband or the thoughts of the wife.  And just when I thought I had everything figured out, about halfway through the all changed.  And so, of course, I had to keep reading.

Did I enjoy this twisting and turning all the way through?  Yes and no.  Yes, I enjoyed the entire storyline of what happened and why.  No, although, I understood "why" the author used the profanity in this book, I thought it was way overdone.  This novel could have been just as good without it and I'm sure there will be people who start reading it and end up putting it down because of that profanity.  In saying all of that, I would definitely recommend reading this book if you can get past the language.  I am the sort of person who almost always finishes a book after I start it; that's just something that college taught me and I cannot easily change it...

                                                                HAPPY READING!

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