Books I Am Reading or Have Read: "Unseen"

I think I have probably mentioned before that I am a big Karin Slaughter fan.  I love the way that she weaves a tale and it never ends like you think it is going to end.  "Unseen" was no different. I was reading this book when I got to Miami and finished it on my way home.

Slaughter has recurring characters in her novels that I suppose draw me to them.  I just like to follow a character I have met and know and learn a little more about them with each novel that is written.  "Unseen" is one of those novels.  This novel follow Will Trent, who is employed by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.  In this book, he goes undercover where he finds it more and more difficult to keep this particular investigation hidden from his physician girlfriend, Sara Linton, since this particular case involves people from her past.

I liked this book because I had previously read some of Slaughter's books where these other characters, who resurfaced from Sara's past, were in it.  While the main story line appears to be Will's case and how it will eventually unfold, these so-called minor characters play a big part in the whole picture.  Not unlike all of her books, Slaughter holds the reader's attention by slowly peeling the skin off of the onion, so to speak.  Little by little the reader becomes more aware of what is going on as this book moves from past to present until finally one thinks they have figured the entire mystery out.  BUT NO!  There is always that little twist at the end that is so expected in her novels, that although you know it's coming, you never see it happening again and again.  I cannot say that I haven't liked every book of hers that I have read and I would definitely recommend you read this and all of her books! (visit to find a complete list of her novels)

If you are interested in more of Karin Slaughter's "Will Trent" books, here is a list of them:

1.  Triptych
2.  Fractured
3.  Snatched
4.  Criminal
5.  Busted
6.  Unseen
                                                                  HAPPY READING!

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