In the past, we have all flown to our BIG, FAT VACATION destination, however, this group is getting a little too large to do that any more (15 and counting...).   So this year, part of us traveled by car and some of the others flew.  I must say that driving has changed a little over the years; there is a whole lot more to keep kids occupied on a long trip.  BUT...I had forgotten how much "stuff" it takes to travel with babies and young children...

 We shoved and jammed suitcases, strollers, Pack N Plays, diapers, diapers bags, etc. into two vehicles.

Armed with her Baby Princess Aurora doll, her Ro Ro (her lovey) and a sippy cup, Parker Ann was ready to roll!
                                               She started out the trip watching Cinderella.
And THAT was only on the way to New Orleans to pick up Uncle Dave, Codi and Beckett!  And then we added MORE "Stuff" in our vehicles.
                        After a little while, she moved on to playing games on the I-Pad.
                  We also made quite a few stops along the way for potty and baby feeding breaks.

We stopped in Tallahassee at the end of Day 1 and started back again the next morning.  Once we arrived at our rental house, Robby and I let everyone unpack while we went to the grocery store...
The house,  not only had 6 bedrooms and 6 baths (plenty for our crew...), but also an awesome living space...

                                                                And movie/game room!

                                Just 3 baskets full of food; that got us through a few meals.
                                And back at the house...the unpacking was just about done.

Caitlin, Kevin and Holli's plane got in around 7:30 p.m. and Mimi and Papa's arrived at 12:30 a.m.!

And, although, some of us trickled in at the wee hours, there would be no time to waste; Monday morning our BIG, FAT DISNEY ADVENTURE  would begin!

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