YAY! Football Season Is FINALLY Here!

Football season is FINALLY here and I must admit that I have ONE HAPPY FAMILY!  LSU, the Saints, purple and gold and black, tailgating, cool nights with warm gumbo...There's just nothing like it.  And as if things could not get any better, we got to see our LSU Tigers play Saturday in their opening game against TCU...In the Dallas Cowboy's Stadium!
As thousands of Tiger fans descended upon the great state of Texas, they brought their tailgating reputation along with them...
Now, we have had LSU season tickets since Caitlin was in the first grade (she will be 24 this year), but usually choose to watch the game in our own home due to the extreme heat whenever football season begins.  While other states are already enjoying cooler temperatures and even donning a sweater in the evenings, we are desperately attempting to stay cool in triple digit temperatures here in Louisiana.  The temperatures were no cooler in Dallas, but we had air conditioning to look forward to once inside the Cowboy's Stadium.
 Can you tell we are melting waiting in line to get into the game?  It was only 107 degrees at 6 p.m.!
And THIS was the purse I had to carry into the game.  If you didn't know, the NFL has decided this year that women must either carry a clear handbag or one the size of your hand.  Yea, I know...a man surely made THAT rule!

                                   Mama with all her boys ready to watch the Tigers play ball!
                                         Purple and Gold is a wardrobe MUST for a Tiger Fan!
Allison wore an LSU dress but was torn since her parents and two of her siblings are TCU alumni.
She was also confused when the crowd went nuts as the LSU band came out onto the field to perform before the game started.  HEY! The LSU Fight Song is one we teach our children at birth.

              It was a great weekend and our Tigers did not disappoint; they beat TCU 37-27! 

                                                                      GEAUX TIGERS!!!

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