The next morning we woke up excited and ready for a BIG day at the MAGIC KINGDOM.  No matter how many times I have been there or how old I am, I simply LOVE visiting the Magic Kingdom.  And I just couldn't WAIT to see the excitement in Parker Ann at getting to see all of the Disney characters and ride all of the fun rides and basically just experience the MAGIC that can only be found there.
                  First, Parker Ann put on her Disney dress and got Aunt Ca Ca to braid her hair.

And then one by one, the other babies got their Disney clothes on too...

                                                           And then WE WERE OFF!
           Just entering the park, which was all decorated for Halloween already, was exciting!
                                                   And then there it was...THE CASTLE!

       It was SO HOT out there.  We put on hats and sunscreen and drank TONS of water.

        But we soon found a ride that was cool and one of our FAVORITES; "Its a Small World"!

                                           And then there were MAGIC CARPET RIDES.
                        And climbing high into the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House.
                           And also lots of sweet memories made while waiting around in line.
       And as the sun started to set, everyone wanted their picture taken in front of the CASTLE.

Parker Ann was sound asleep, but that was a good thing since we wanted her to be up to enjoy the Electric Light Parade later that evening...
                                          And what a GREAT seat she had for that parade!
                              Ahhh...Just seeing the magical glow in a child's eyes.  PRICELESS.

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