It's That Time Again...Time For Our BIG, FAT FAMILY VACATION!

Most people have already taken their vacation and have started back to school and their fall routines.  HEY!  There ARE advantages to being self-employed AND empty nesters...we get to take our vacations at odd times.  This year we are going with 13 people instead of 15 (insert sad face here...).  Ryan is in his final year of dental school and has to see patients every day.  Allison decided to stay with him and work, herself.  We will miss them and I'm already thinking about how we can photo shop them into our Christmas card., you want to know where we're going??  Think the "Happiest Place in the World"., what is your guess?  If you guessed Disney World in Orlando, Florida, you would be correct!  The fall ACE Hardware show is in Orlando so when we heard that, we all decided that this year's BIG, FAT FAMILY VACATION just HAD to be in Disney World!  However, since our family continues to grow by leaps and bounds, most of us have decided to DRIVE (yes, you heard me correctly...) there.  The only people who will be flying to meet us there will be Robby's parents and Caitlin, Kevin and Holli.  SO...this little (ummm...LONG) road trip should be something to write about (and I intend to do just that!).

And so, as I write this post, I am also making a list of things I must pack to bring with me (why no, I haven't packed a thing yet!):  In addition to my clothes, a pack n play, car seat and base, new outfits I've bought Holli for the fall, camera, movie camera, DVD's for the drive there..oh, I think you get the idea, don't you?!  With three young children going, we have to have LOTS of stuff!  Well, I am off now to finish up all of that packing and will be ready to leave tomorrow morning to be in New Orleans to pick up David, Codi and Beckett.  Onward, young man...we're on our way to DISNEY!!!

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