REAL Progress On My Back Yard Renovation Project!

I couldn't WAIT to return from Orlando to see what progress had been made on my pool house project and BOY, was I ever HAPPY...There was some REAL progress made!
 I know it's kind of messy, but you can see my finished outdoor fireplace!  It was a "pin" on my "Fireplace Pinterest Board" and I think it turned out GREAT! (Follow me on Pinterest:  Barbara Rogenmoser).  Now, I just need the weather to turn a little cooler so I can use it.
Inside, one of my two chandeliers has been hung;  I LOVE it!  See the cabinets in the background?  Hubby built those.  The ones on the wall will be painted the green trim color and have glass doors.  OH, and can you see my cream colored farm sink?  The island cabinets in the forefront will be painted a cream color.  And for the counter tops...A beautiful sea foam granite that I have picked out.
Just look at the ceiling. Didn't the stain turn out pretty?  Robby and Ryan are down at the other end, working on getting speakers installed for the television set.
Here you can see the color scheme I chose.  Since my house is French country, we decided to stay with that for the pool house as well.  All of the trim is painted this green color and the walls are this darker shade of taupe.
Here you see the two French doors that lead to the outside porch have been stained and are waiting to be hung.

I am SO excited that this project seems to be close to finishing up so we can start using this room!  Today the floor guys will be working on staining the concrete and later in the week, we will be going to look at the granite to make sure it is what we want before they cut it for installation.  The painter should be painting the cabinets soon and Hubby will finish putting up all the outside lighting we picked up in New Orleans.  HEY...I think there really may be an end to this project...And I JUST CAN'T WAIT!

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