"AHA" Moments...

I had a college professor who used to say that a teacher's greatest delight was when a student experienced an "Aha Moment".  She explained that was when a student had a sudden realization and understanding of something.  I found this to be true, however today I realized that "some" folks experience "Aha Moments" on a daily basis!

When Caitlin left for Washington, D.C. to spend a semester there, we all jokingly referred to her as "Elle"; as in Elle Woods from the movie "Legally Blonde".  Oh, she swept into the nation's capitol with her own brand of ditziness.  She refused to wear the mandatory "black" on Capitol Hill, instead treading the hallways in aqua, salmon and white.  Her southern charm (along with that accent...) kept people smiling and saying things like, "You just look like a breath of fresh air."  Well, that's ONE way to put it, I suppose.  For those of us who live with her on a daily basis, we find ourselves often times just plain exhausted trying to figure out what is going on in that blonde brain of hers!

If attempting to learn the politics, people and policies of the United States government wasn't difficult enough for her, Elle is now preparing for her final year of college in Texas.  And in this final upcoming year, she has enrolled in additional political science classes.  Today she called to inform me that she had to stop by the bookstore on her way home from the gym.  "OK..."  She explained that she had received an e-mail from her professor and she had some reading to do before the first day of class.  "OK..."  It seems as though her political science class was an "International" political science class.  "Hmmm..."  She needed to "know all about Thailand" by the first day of class.  "GREAT!"  THIS should be interesting.

As I attempted to inquire a little more about this class (by mainly listening...), Elle would give that "blonde giggle" and I KNEW what THAT meant; this was going to be ONE CRAZY CLASS (for not only her, but the other students AND the poor professor!).  She told me she was shopping for books on Thailand at the bookstore and came across a teacher friend of ours who works there during the summer.  She apparently asked if Elle needed any help and she told her what she was looking for...and THEN said, "Where IS Thailand anyway?!"  Our friend replied, "Oh, Caitlin, THAT'S not a very promising way to begin the semester."  YA THINK?!  Well, this did not appear to offend Elle at all (as she continued with her little "blonde giggle"...); for HER, EVERY day is an "Aha Moment Day"!

As Robby, Elle and I headed out for dinner, I told her to tell her dad about the political science class she would be enrolled in this fall and watched as he took it all in.  He always goes for the bait too (just like a fish swimming by that irresistible worm...); offering a few factoids to help prepare her for each new adventure.  SHE, however, suddenly said, "Well, they will all be surprised how much I already know about Thailand, anyway."  (THEY??  I was surprised and waited for her the explanation...).  Then it hit me..."Reality T.V"!!!  You've got it...she said, "The Bachelorette filmed a portion of the show there and it is quite beautiful...although I didn't really approve of all the places they went; ya know, it looked like they were worshipping idols there."  WOW!!!  What else can one say to that?

So, as the fall semester rapidly approaches, we await Elle's newest academic adventures...and once again wonder, "How in the WORLD does this child make good grades?!  It is DEFINITELY one of the "Wonders of  'Our' World"!

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