This year we celebrated our 4th annual 4th of July Bash with family and friend at our Lake House.  Although the River had been closed all summer due to the severe drought we have been experiencing, the "Patriotic Bash" went on as scheduled. 

Two of our good friends have also made their way up here to the lake and as fate would have it, one family moved in next door on the left side of us and the other just completed their lake house next door to us on the right.  We decided to pool together for the food part of the celebration this year... and cook we did!  It IS "all about the food" here in the south, you know!  So, as we roamed from yard to yard through the connecting gates we had built between all of our yards, excitement began to build each day with swimming and fishing and eating and listening to good music in anticipation of the 4th.  When the day finally arrived, it really WAS with a "Bang"!  Scorching HOT (which doesn't even describe the heat and humidity here...) with about 60 people between all of us...the party was on!

I didn't want Sissy and Annie to feel left out...

Ahhh...Remember playing with these as a child?

Celebrating "My Country" AND "My State"

Robby brought me home a new doxie decoration this year!

My "Big Fat Family"!

Mimi (Robby's mother) and Parker Ann

The "Rogenmoser Girls"! (aka "The Drama Queens"...)

Aunt Ca Ca and Parker Ann

Grandmother, Grand Daughter and Great Grand Daughter

Now, I wonder what those boys are up to...

No 4th of July Bash would be complete without a "Water Gun War"!!!

Hey!  I TOLD you it was "All About the Food"!

And, OF COURSE, Parker Ann enjoyed her 1st Fourth of July too!

Daddy and Parker Ann

Uncle David and Parker Ann nibbling on some sweets!

Going for a swim in the neighbor's pool...

Then hopping over to her own little pool to cool off!

Hey...Is somebody gonna bring us gals a drink or what?!

And at the end of the day when everyone else left, it was game time! 
"Mexican Train Dominoes"

And kicking back on the couch...in the cool!

And a little "play time" for Poppi and Parker...

Yes, we were all worn out by the end of this long weekend.  So much so, that when it was time for the fireworks display in town, I could not drag myself up out of my chair to go.  However, a special gift arrived a little later that made this "Fabulous Day" end in an even more "Fabulous Way"...a thunderstorm!  The heavens opened up and the wet stuff poured while the lightening and thunder put on a glorious show.  It continues to rain today...and I am thankful.  Not only for great family and friends that I can spend time with, but for the much needed rain for our very thirsty state.

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