How "Charming"...

One of my favorite jewelry items is...CHARMS.  Last Christmas, Caitlin got me the cutest new charm bracelet adorned with some charms that specifically have to do with "us".  Both of our initials and birthstones hang from the bracelet, along with a pumpkin carriage as a reminder of our Disney World trip and "beachy" charms to remind us of the yearly beach trip the two of us take each spring.  As I took that bracelet down to the little boutique to purchase a couple of new charms for it this week, I remembered why I have always LOVED charm bracelets; they tell a story.

This is the bracelet Caitlin gave me.  I added the cross and fleur de lis this week.

Several years ago, while shopping in Canton, Texas, I came upon this WONDERFUL Christmas charm necklace.  It is sterling silver and filled with retired James Avery Christmas charms...OK, I HAD to have it!  I could just imagine taking that necklace out each year during the holiday season to wear.  This would become a traditional piece of jewelry that one day could be passed down to Caitlin.

I take this necklace out to wear each year the day after Thanksgiving.

Another "charming" charm bracelet that ALL of the Rogenmoser girls have started is the Chamilia charm bracelet.  I was the first to start one (naturally...).  These bracelets have beads; some are stones, Murano glass and , of course, "theme" beads.  The first beads I purchased for my Chamilia bracelet were Christmas beads.  Each year, I anxiously await the arrival of the new beads of the season to add another one to my bracelet.  The neat thing about these bracelets is that you can take the beads off yourself and change them out.  I have some of the Louisiana themed beads, some beach themed ones and for David's wedding, I bought purple beads to go with my dress.  The other girls have their favorites, but Caitlin has begun collecting the Christmas beads too...this is such a FUN bracelet to have and the beads make for great presents!

"Beach" themed Chamilia Bracelet

"Louisiana" themed beads

Christmas and various other beads...

This bracelet is a Brighton Bracelet.  I call it my "Ya Ya" Bracelet!  It has Parker Ann's initial, her birthstone and a little heart with pink footprints on it...I hope to add other grandchildren to this bracelet!

But, my absolute "favorite" charm bracelet is the one that started it "traditional" charm bracelet.  The sterling silver bracelet is vintage (bought at an antique shop in Canton, Texas).  I love the little safety chain that hangs from it!  This bracelet contains a LOT of charms and the thing that makes it so special is the fact that it tells a story.  For many years, I either picked up charms from places I visited or people gave me charms for significant events that took place in my life.  Whenever I look at the charms that are hanging from this bracelet, they evoke such powerful memories; and THAT, I believe is the purpose of the "charm" bracelet.
I LOVE this bracelet!  It has a music charms from my childhood, a graduation one from my college graduation, ones from Christmas, Thanksgiving, ski trips, my children and MANY more...

"Charm" bracelets are a "Charming" way to remember "Charming" events in one's life!


  1. I love the aspect of charm bracelets! Your "favorite" is absolutely gorgeous! Do you make these yourself? I'm guessing you're here in Louisiana too, given your references to N.O.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier and leaving a comment. I'm now following you and was going to follow on FB & Twitter, but couldn't find a link? Maybe I missed it!

    Hugs, Mitzi

  2. Thanks for the compliments on the bracelets and for the "follow"! Yes, Icall Alexandria my home, but also have a home on the Cane River in Natchitoches. I also borrowed an idea from a friend in Dallas and started giving friends who were going through chemotherapy a "Faith Charm Bracelet". On these, I put a cross, dove, heart and angel, along with a Bible verse.

  3. love my charm bracelets too! I have a year round one and a holiday one that I start wearing on October 1st!

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