They Just Ruin EVERYTHING!

"They just ruin EVERYTHING"...that is what Justin said when Robby called to tell him our vacation destination; he sounded a lot like a 5-year old. We tried as long as we could to keep it a secret, but as Caitlin said, "Mom, you know how hard it is to keep a secret in this family!"  We suspected that a "couple" of people had snooped enough to find out where we were going, so Robby decided that there was only a few days left and he went ahead and told.

When we discovered the "snooping", we had a thought..."If only we could somehow print up some fake boarding passes to some other location...(sigh).  So, they knew, but that didn't take the excitement away one bit because the destination is TRULY AWESOME!

I got up the next morning (after the big reveal...), turned on my computer to find that Caitlin had posted the location on Facebook!  I quickly called her and said, "Take that off of there...everybody (in Blogland) keeps asking me where we're going and I'm still keeping it a surprise for them!"  She took it down.  TRULY, these people CANNOT keep a secret!

Well, I will be taking my trusty purple laptop with me on the trip because I am told that I will be able to use it inside our condo.  I really hope so because I intend to share this trip with you as I blog and snap LOTS of pictures not only of the beautiful countryside but also of some of the activities we have planned (and the drama that is sure to follow us...).

Leaving at 11:00 a.m. Sunday, we will travel to Dallas where our "adventure" will begin with a 4 hour lay over (ugh...).  I am in hopes that Robby will be able to get us all into The Admiral's Club for that lay over.  Then, we will hop our connection for a 4 hour flight!  I KNOW...LONG day.  However, the "up side" of that 4 hour flight will be:  1.  It is the large plane and we will have in flight movies! (yippee!)  2.  There is food service on this flight (WOW...didn't think that even existed any more!) 3.  The kids might have "ruined" their little surprise, but Robby and I have a little surprise of our own for them...WE UPGRADED to first class with our points! (Double yippee!).  Once we land, there will be someone meeting us at the airport to drive us to our "vacation destination"...another hour! where are we going to end up at the end of this long day?  COSTA RICA!

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