Sending a Groom Off With a BANG...A Recipe For Disaster, Perhaps?!

Well, we are off again!  On a "road trip" to Texas this time for a family wedding.  Robby's sister's son (who is Ryan's age) is getting married this weekend and all of my boys are groomsmen in his wedding.  So, off we head  to TEXAS tomorrow! 

Justin called me about 2 weeks ago to ask me if anyone had ever ordered his tuxedo.  Ummm...well, I hoped so, since that was supposed to be done a LONG time ago.  But I couldn't say that I remembered, so I told him to call one of his brothers to find out.  And speaking of tuxedos...I really hope they all fit.  You see, Josh (the groom) called to say that he needed all of the guys' measurements ASAP.  They attempted to get the measurements from the place where David rented the tuxedos for his wedding last summer with no luck...SO they used another method of getting their measurements in for the wedding...CAITLIN!  Yep, they (my boys...) were all "way too busy" to go down to a tuxedo rental store to get their measurements done so Ryan went into Caitlin's room with a tape measure and asked her to take his measurements for him.  And if this wasn't crazy enough, David insisted that he could NOT make time to get his done and Robby told Ryan to just put down the same measurements for him; remarking that they were "about" the same size!  WOW!...and I "allowed" them to do this because...well, I just didn't have time to make 3 grown boys do anything (that takes energy AND stamina)!  I'm not really sure WHO took Justin's measurements; I just hope that they all fit when we get there.

We were prepared to attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday evening, but had NO idea what was in store for Saturday morning...until the invitations arrived.  The wedding is set for 2 p.m. and, although Justin and Sarah also had an afternoon wedding, I find that they make for a very rushed day.  So when we girls received our invitations to a bridal brunch Saturday morning at 9 a.m., I thought, "OK...that's pretty early, but I suppose I need to get going any way."  However, when Robby and the guys got THEIR invitation, I was taken aback.  It was an invitation to "Send Josh Off With A Bang"...a Saturday morning skeet shoot...on the very morning of the wedding!  OH MY GOSH!  Did they KNOW who his groomsmen were?!  Putting guns in my boys' hands...on the day of the wedding...this could DEFINITELY be a "recipe for disaster"!

Robby said,"This could be bad...really bad; someone could end up in the hospital and then there might not be a wedding at all."  I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing and told him that he was GOING to go and his job would be to keep things under control.  I know...not too much of a "fun" thing for him, but NECESSARY!  So, they are all bringing their guns...and ammo...and release forms and setting out for Texas!   Yep, only in Texas would one send a groom "Off With a Bang"!  Here's to hoping for the best...

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  1. They will all be late to the wedding. Or no time for showers and stinky!