My "Big, Fat Family" And A Texas Wedding Weekend...

As we pulled into our hotel in Texas, I glanced over at the temperature gauge in the was 5 O'clock in the afternoon and it read 107 degrees!  So much for the girl I ran into the past week who tried to convince me that since Texas didn't have such high humidity, it wouldn't really "feel" that hot outside.  I stepped outside the car and yeah, maybe there wasn't as much humidity, but 107 is 107...and the "dry" heat just made it feel like the skin was boiling off my bones! (ugh...)  We had to get dressed quickly because the wedding rehearsal started in exactly 1 hour!
YAY!...I had forgotten about the goodie basket that would be waiting for us at the hotel!

The "Microwave S'mores" were a favorite!

Justin and Parker Ann ready for the rehearsal and dinner

We made it to the church on time and the rehearsal was uneventful.  What I mean by that is...none of my boys got in trouble.  I know...they are 24, 26 and 27, but you've heard of that old saying, "Boys will be boys"?  I STILL worry about them getting into some sort of mischief when they are all together and left to their own devices.  They were all given their tuxedos to try on after the rehearsal dinner and, quite frankly, I was worried about them fitting.  Oh, not only because Caitlin had measured all of them but also because of the phone call we had received from the groom earlier in the day regarding the "tuxedo situation".  Apparently, he and his future father-in-law had gone to pick up their tuxedos the day before and found out a couple of disturbing things. First, the father-in-law had been measured there at the store and his did not fit.  Second, the guy who ran the store had taken off for the weekend, so if something did not fit, there would be no way to have it altered!  So, after the rehearsal dinner, I INSISTED that all of my boys try their tuxedos on so I could see what we had to work with; I hated to think that I would possibly have to staple fabric up or spray paint their ankles black...but HEY!  Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!  Let me begin by saying that, my boys are not big people.  Justin is the tallest, being about 5'10" and very slim.  David and Ryan are both MAYBE 5'61/2"  and probably 140 lbs.  So, when Ryan looked at the size on his shirt and it said XXL, I knew we were in trouble! the shirt was a bit large, but perhaps that could be covered up by the vest and jacket.  As he slipped on the jacket he commented that he looked a little like "Beetlejuice"!  It looked like he had been playing dress-up in his daddy's closet.  The other boys filtered in as we were laughing at Ryan and David said he thought his shirt was an XXXL.  Oh well, there wasn't much we could do about them at this point so we all headed over to Chili's next door for a couple of drinks and some chips and salsa.  As I called the front desk for a 7 a.m. wake-up call, I said, "That is SO early, but I really need to be awake for that 9 a.m. Bridal Brunch".  Robby replied, "At least you get to go EAT at 9 in the morning; I get to go hear GUNS go off!" he had a point.

Ryan was the Best Man

David and Justin were groomsmen

Robby was apparently imparting some of "infinite knowledge" of daughter-in-laws to his sister (mother of the groom...)

I kept Parker occupied during the rehearsal

Parker met her cousin, Mason, for the first time

Rogenmoser Girls at the rehearsal dinner

David and Codi...everybody needs a "middle child"!

Robby visiting with his sister, niece and great-nephew that shirt is just a "little" big...

Ryan showing the groom how big his jacket is

David trying on Ryan's pants...over his shorts!?

When 7 a.m. arrived the next morning and I looked in the mirror it was CLEAR that I needed caffeine...and LOTS of it quickly. While Robby was getting that caffeine for me, I looked a little more closely at my swollen eyes and they looked strangely red; sort of like they did when I got the pink eye in California (ugh...).  It was a good thing I had gotten up so early; perhaps they would have time to get back to normal before I had to meet people at that brunch.  Robby came back with my coffee and I could tell when he opened the door that something was not right.  He explained that he wasn't sure it was "real" coffee...maybe instant or decaf.; it had come out of some sort of machine downstairs.  After finishing off that first cup, I knew it WASN'T "real" heart wasn't palpitating at all (GREAT...).  We all met downstairs and the guys followed someone to the shooting range as we followed someone else to the bridal brunch.  When the hostess met us at the door and mentioned juice and coffee, I said, "Just point me in the direction!", as I made my way to the coffee pot.  The brunch was beautiful and I would like to say that I had some photos to prove that, but I sent my camera with the guys to the shooting range...and they dropped the ball by forgetting they had it and left it in the car! (I suppose they were SO excited about shooting those guns...)  However, I DO have one picture of a little project that we made for the new couple at the brunch.  There was an easel set up with a canvas that had a vase painted on it.  Each guest painted a flower in that vase and signed their name beside it, the hostess sprayed it when we left and brought it to the church to place with the other wedding gifts.  THAT was a lot of FUN!

Caitlin holding Mason and Me holding Parker Ann...Ready for the Bridal Brunch!

The Rogenmoser Girls ready for the Bridal Brunch

Completed painting we made for the couple at the Bridal Brunch

We got back to the hotel around 11:30 and had time to rest before we got dressed for the wedding, but...where were the guys?!  They had to be a the church by 12:30!  I was worried about them making it back in time to get showers and then it to the church on time. Since I had forgotten to pick up my room key on my way out that morning, I went to Caitlin's room to watch a movie until they arrived.  They FINALLY got back around showers...and ran out the door heading to the church.  We didn't have to be there until 1:45, so we continued to get dressed and pack up the cars...oh, and stop to get Parker Ann her new favorite "table food"; chicken nuggets!

Dressing Parker Ann for the wedding...

YUM!  Eating her chicken nuggets...

We made it to the church in time for the family photo and actually dressed Parker in the back of the sanctuary once we arrived.  After putting her and Mason (the groom's sister's baby...) in the nursery we went inside for the ceremony.  It was a very simple, yet beautiful ceremony.  And as I was sitting there watching the young couple exchange vows, I pondered how unique every wedding is, but at the end of the day, how every bride is glowing and beautiful in her happiness at beginning a new chapter in her life.  The "Texas Wedding Weekend" was great fun for my "Big, Fat Family" we witnessed our extended family grow just a little bit more!
Robby and Me at the wedding

Justin and Caitlin

Congratulations, Lana and Josh!

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