Same Crew...Minus 1...Plus 2...Equals 11...

This week will be a busy one.  We are all preparing for "Big, Fat Family Vacation 2"!  Yep, remember that David was not able to go with us to San Diego due to his rotation schedule?  Well, we decided to plan another trip so that he could enjoy a week of fun before he has to take his second set of boards and begin year 4 of medical school.

There have been times when either Justin or David have not been able to make the family vacation (that's why Justin insisted on going on BOTH vacations this was time for him to "catch up", he said), but Ryan has always been with us.  This year, he went on the first vacation because dental school began in June (ugh...I KNOW!).  I'm really sad about this and will miss him terribly on this trip; he is such a FUN traveler.  So, Ryan is the "minus 1" and David is the "plus 1"; who is the other "plus"?  Kevin; Caitlin's boyfriend.  Yea, we haven't allowed a boyfriend or girlfriend on a trip for MANY years now.  Robby and Ryan discussed this once before (after a pretty bad experience...) and Ryan said that the only way one could come with us again was to either put a ring on their finger or have their vocal chords cut out!  Hmmm...well, neither of these thing have happened, but I don't think we'll have any problems out of Kevin; he appears to have a pretty laid back personality (in comparison to us...he might want to cut OUR vocal chords out by the end of the trip, though!)  OH...the "trip" wanna know the location?  Well, so do several other people; the ones who are going with us!

Do you recall the "I'm NOT going anywhere HOT for vacation" conversation that took place not too long ago?  If you remember correctly, it was started by Robby who was then given more suggestions than one could ever imagine...Let's go to Alaska; that's TOO COLD...How about Hawaii?!; that's TOO FAR...What is the weather like in Scotland???; ARE YOU NUTS?!  Yea, NOW you remember that INSANE conversation that sounded a little bit like the fairy tale about "The Three Bears".  Well, that's when Robby and I decided that these kids were being a LITTLE PICKY (Ya think?!) about a trip that WE were paying for!  A plan was hatched at that point...

Robby and I found a location and booked the trip.  They said, "WHAT?!"  Where are we going?"  We said, "You'll find out the day we get to the airport."  That's when the protesting and cajoling and begging began.  We NEED to know where we're going so we can know what to pack...We told them, "Pack for weather about like San Diego; oh, and bring your passports too."  Believe me, this did NOT satisfy them; they have continued to try to find out our "secret vacation location".

The guessing (and snooping...) has continued and I began to suspect that "some" were attempting to find out about our destination a little too aggressively; I was forced to set a passcode on my cell phone (these people are relentless...)!  Thus far, we have still not let the cat out of the bag and hopefully we can keep it that way until Sunday.  The plane tickets have been booked, the lodging is set, we even have some excursions planned.  I sorta LIKE this little secret game we're playing!  Do YOU have any guesses "Where in the World" we might be traveling to?!  I'll update you when we get there...(because they are most likely reading this in their attempt to find out!)

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