Making History In Dallas...

Ryan called from Metarie to ask how it felt to be in Dallas the day history was made. WHAT could he be talking about?!  With Ryan, there was no telling!  He said, "Dallas broke a record for both the low and high temperature in the same day; the low was 89 and the high was 102".  Thanks, Ryan!  But I suspected it was pretty HOT.  That's one reason we decided to head out for Hurricane Harbor for the day to get wet and cool off!

Since my father-in-law had just recently recovered from heat exhaustion, both he and my mother-in-law made even cooler plans for the day; they used a pair of those tickets given to us and spent the afternoon at the art museum downtown.

Robby and I mostly played with Parker Ann at the water park and I must admit that she has been a REAL TROUPER!  From flying (back to back flights) hotel dining...bowling and now spending a day at a water park.

After a day at "Hurricane Harbor", we all met up back at the hotel, got dressed and walked to a restaurant that can also be found in Louisiana, "S and;D Oyster House".  The mood was loud and noisy there (perfect for us!) and the food delicious.  We turned in for the night; tomorrow would be another BIG day in Dallas!

When we woke up the next morning, we knew that it would be a full day so we lazed around a bit at breakfast and didn't leave too early.  EVERY trip must have a "Retail Therapy Day" (much to the dismay of the guys...) and THIS would be that day!  There were some great shops connected to our hotel and we started there.  From there we drove over to The Galleria, where The American Girl Store would be our first stop.  For those of us who knew all about the American Girl world and had previously visited the stores before, it was quite a treat.  For those (the guys...) who had never experienced this was quite a shock!  Parker Ann?,,,She LOVED it!

To appease the guys, upon entering The Galleria, we headed straight down to eat some lunch.  I KNOW it hadn't been long since breakfast, but that is what guys do in a mall to keep from we went!  We ate a place called, "Luciano's".  They served Italian food and it was delicious!  However, as we were sitting there eating, David got this great idea in his head...he wanted to ice skate! who was going to skate with him?  Not me...That was for certain!  The last time I tried to do any sort of skating, I broke my tailbone.  Justin agreed to skate with him, saying, "One or both of us will probably end up with a broken ankle."  And there is a reason he said that; David is "wide open" at everything he does...and the ice skating was no different.  I HAD to grab my camera and snap a few pictures; one thought passed through my mind as I did so..."Blades of Glory" with Will Ferrell!

After our day at The Galleria, we made our way across town (using some crazy navigation app. on the i-phone again that kept getting us lost...) to "Medieval Times", where David insisted we go for dinner and a show.  We had been to one of these years ago, but Sarah and Codi had never been.  We gave them the full experience by dressing in the period clothing for a picture and then continued into the theatre, where we watched knights duel as we ate our dinner with our hands.  It was fun and everyone enjoyed the evening.  Just being together as a huge group...PRICELESS!

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  1. Oh, did Parker get a bitty Baby! Lynley still has hers. Great picture of her grabbing for it. Have fun at the Rodeo, can't wait to see what happens there.