Red, White and Da BLUES...Preparing for Da 4th in Da Boot!

It was Sunday morning and I had been in Natchitoches since Thursday.  People had been filtering in all week long for our annual 4th of July celebration on Cane River Lake.  The previous night David and Codi had arrived around 11 p.m., after Robby and I had retired to our room for the evening.  However, it was not difficult to determine when they got in because my middle son has (and apparently alway will...) make his presense known.  The one lone toy of Parker's that I had failed to pick up that evening was David's favorite toy growing up...a ball.  And almost immediately following his arrival, I began to hear the bouncing of that ball in the other room.  Robby and I look at each other and he finally asked, "How long are you going to let him bounce that ball before you go in there?"  Hmmm...good question.  "I was hoping that he would eventually stop; he IS 26 years old after all."  The ball stopped momentarily and then we heard a noise that we thought might be the margarita machine being fired off.  However, the sound continued for so long that Robby told me to get up and go ask them if they needed a jackhammer to bust up some concrete outside while they were at it.  I eased out of bed and cautiously opened my bedroom door.  Ryan rounded the corner at that moment and grinning said, "I was wondering how long it was gonna be before you came out here."  I said, "What IS that noise?"  He explained that another house guest (a cousin) had brought a blow up mattress but it took batteries ( they did not know this...) which they did not have, so Ryan blew it up for them with the leaf blower!  WOW...  So, you see, by Sunday morning I needed a little break from the "nut house" and decided that although it was already 98 degrees outside, I would brave the heat to snap a few pictures aound town of the south preparing for the 4th of July (and a little southern lagniappe too...)  Here is the result of that little adventure...

Houses all around town and throughout the countryside were sporting their red, white and blue

And all up and down Front Street, one could find the American flag flying proudly

How cool is THIS?!  Patriotic motorcycles...

Pretty cute, but I don't think anyone will be renting these today in this 100 degree heat!

No picture of Da Boot would be complete with our beloved Fleur de Lis!

As I headed back home, I decided to snap a few more photos of the countryside...look what I found!

As I completed my little photo adventure, I glanced down at the thermometer inside my vehicle...It was 101 degrees!  There appeared to be no relief in sight in the form of an afternoon thunderstorm.  Well, braving the heat had done the trick for me though; my mind was cleared and I was ready to take on all of those "nuts" again!  I walked inside with a smile on my face and my nose immediately tickled by the smell of frying catfish.  Robby was just finishing up my lunch of a fresh cooked catfish po-boy...yummy!  Oh, how I LOVE "My South"...and the 4th of July!!!

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