From Sunset Sushi Cruise TO Texas Rodeo And Bar-Be-Que!

When we originally planned our trip to Costa Rica, we decided it would be nice to book a sunset cruise and hire a sushi chef to prepare the meal for us.  Well...since there was that "little glitch" in "the best laid plans"...and we found ourselves in Texas instead, we had to think of something else to do.  Why the solution was right before our eyes...we would go to a RODEO!

I had never been to a rodeo, as was the case of several in our party.  So Robby began to research finding one for us and low and behold there was one to be found in Mesquite!  Mesquite was only a short ride from Dallas; 20-30 minutes.  Upon calling to inquire about the rodeo, we found that there was an option to view it from the comfort of a private box.  It would be catered with a full "Texas Style Bar-Be-Que Buffet"; beef, sausage, beans, coleslaw, potato salad, rolls and peach cobbler.  Now, WHO could resist THAT?!  We booked the box for Friday night.  However, first, we needed to do a little "rodeo shopping" in preparation for the big event.

Robby googled western wear shops and BOY did we have FUN there!  We tried on everything from shirts to hats and boots and even found Parker Ann the cutest rodeo outfit.
DAVID:  "Hey! How do I look in THIS?"

PARKER ANN:  "Ya Ya, Can I have THIS hat?"

JUSTIN:  "What do you think about THIS shirt?"

SARAH:  "Which boots do you think look the BEST on me?"

CODI:  "Which ones should I get?"

When it got time for the rodeo, we all definitely LOOKED like Texans!

Caitlin and I sporting the SAME boots!

Uncle David and Parker Ann ready for the rodeo!

What a CUTE little "Cowgirl"!

Friday, we had all taken a trolley downtown to shop, see a movie and eat lunch.  We headed back to our rooms in time to get dressed for our Texas evening out at the Mesquite Rodeo.  When we arrived, we found our way to our box seat and guess what?!  There was a name plate beside the door with "Rogenmoser" on it!

The private box we had for the rodeo was GREAT!  It wafted with the smell of Texas bar-be-que and had plenty of room for dining AND sported a perfect view of the rodeo events.

Robby and his 2 little "cowboys"!

3 generations of Rogenmoser men

Justin and Parker Ann

Ya Ya and Parker Ann

The Rogenmoser (Cow) Girls...AND all of their CUTE boots!

The rodeo was LOTS of fun for all and I would suggest that if you have never seen one to GO if ever given the chance.  It is SO AMERICAN...and THAT was EXACTLY what our crew needed!

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  1. Love it and the box suites are air conditioned, glad you had a great time in Dallas. Supposed to be 105 today, may be 109 tomorrow. Where did you find the boots? I think Mr. Robbie spent more money in Dallas than he would have in Costa Rica. Our gain, their loss! It was great seeing you. Ya'll come back now ya here!