And The WINNER Is...

Although I do not particularly enjoy cooking, I absolutely LOVE watching the Food Network! (go figure...)  I mean, who would have ever thought that WATCHING other people COOK would one day be a form of entertainment for millions of people?!  One of my favorite shows finished up with its season finale Sunday evening; "The Next Food Network Star Challenge".

For me, it's not all about the cooking with this show.  It's about the entertainment value and most especially the personalities of all the contestants.  I set my television to tape the shows at the beginning of the season so I would not miss even one episode, even if I happened not to be at home.  There for a while, we had to sit down and "catch up".  Now, Robby will say that this is not his "favorite" Food Network Show (he says he watches it because I like it so much...), but one would never know that by the way he appears to enjoy the show, commenting on contestants and trying to decide who HE believes will win in the end.

The personalities of the contestants this year were quite diverse, which made the show VERY entertaining to watch each week.  However, in the end, it was obvious why the 3 finalists made it to that finale episode.  Upon not only recalling the entire season, but also watching the reunion show where all of the eliminated contestants were brought back together again, it was easy to see how Vic, Suzie and Jeff made it to the finale.

The three finalist had several things in common:  First, they were all amazing cooks!  Second, each finalist had their own "gimmick".  Vic's was "Mama's Boy", Suzie's was "Spice It Up" and Jeff's was "The Sandwich King".  The third thing that each had was a friendly and out-going personality that would naturally draw viewers to their prospective show.  Along with these very important qualities was something else; something that the entire "competition" allowed us to see; their "likability factor".

During the reunion show (and also during the season, itself...) it was evident that there were some personality conflicts at play.  I could never imagine living with some of those folks for as long as they were required to do.  I will say again, however, that "guys" are just SO much friendlier and easy to get along's just in their nature.  Women, on the other hand,...well, women can just innately be catty!  So, the one thing that I noted during the finale was that the 3 finalist competing for "Winner" status all had one thing in common; they appeared to get along with everyone.  It was actually refreshing to not see people fighting or back-stabbing down to the bitter end.  No one could say a bad word about them and they all seemed to like each other too.

Because Vic, Suzie and Jeff were all so likable, it was difficult for me to "pull" for only one person at the end of this competition.  Each contestant's "life story" was unique and touching...each had their own style of cooking...and each had won a place in not only the viewer's heart, but the judging panel as well.  The decision was not an easy one, but  in the end there could only be one new Food Network Star.  And, although, all three finalist were "winners" in many ways, the new Food Network Star was chosen...And THE WINNER WAS...JEFF!  The Sandwich King, who made "every meal a sandwich and every sandwich a meal".  And, although, I STILL do not like to cook that much, I will most likely watch his new show.  After all...I was a part of his journey.  OK...and I'll admit that EVEN I can make a sandwich (I think!...)

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