Get A Better Attitude...And THEN I Will Fix You Lunch!!!

"You need to get a new attitude...and THEN I will fix you lunch!"  That's what Robby told me today.  Hmph!...I crossed my arms over my chest and almost crossed my eyes too.  I didn't WANT to get a better attitude.  At the moment, I thought I DESERVED to have the attitude I had...if only for a little while.

The day before, Robby, Caitlin and I decided to head to the Lake House for a relaxing long weekend.  I had just taken a shower and wanted Robby to look at something my hairdresser had found in my hairline the week before.  We had only been back from our "Costa Rica Nightmare" about a week and I had gone to get my hair colored.  While doing this, she got a startled look on her face and I said, "WHAT?!  She said, "There is a little spot back here where some hair is missing!"  Hmmm...probably just stress, I thought; it had happened before over the years.  I didn't think too much more about it, but that night, for some reason, I wanted Robby to look more closely at that spot and see if there was any hair growing back in it yet.  He said, "You know I can't see that well; get Caitlin to look at it for you."  I walked over to where she was sitting and asked her to do just that.  When she did so, she gasped and said, "OH MY GOSH, Mom...That's a ringworm!"  "WHAT??!!"  And before I knew it, my little hypochondriac had grabbed her phone...taken a picture of the spot...and texted it to her brother, David!

Robby caught my eye from across the room as I suddenly became alarmed at the possibility of having a ringworm.  Meanwhile, David sent Caitlin a message back that said it looked like that was most likely what it was and that I would need to see a doctor to get the right medicine for it; apparently when one gets this fungus in their head, it is very difficult to get rid of (GREAT!!!)  This was disturbing on several different levels for me:  First, I am a germ-a-phobe and EVERY time I wash my hair, I have to also wash my hair brush.  Second, the THOUGHT of having a ringworm was just making me sick.  And third...I BET I GOT THIS FROM SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR IN THE AIRPORT IN COSTA RICA!!!

The next day, I attempted to get in to see my doctor, but he said he couldn't see me until the next week.  Caitlin warned me that more of my hair would fall out if I didn't treat it properly.  Although this sort of scared me, I wondered how she would know this...she wasn't a doctor, after all.  But perhaps hypochondriacs know these things.  I called Robby at work and got quite aggressive with him..."FIND ME A DOCTOR NOW!!!", I said..."Or all of my hair is going to fall out and then I will be BALD!"  I hung up and it wasn't long before he called back to say that a doctor, who is a friend and business partner of his, would see me the next morning. WHEW!  I really hate going to doctors (I KNOW...crazy since David is studying to become one...), but this was an emergency...I would go!

Robby and I got up the next morning to head to the doctor; it was a one hour drive for us to get there.  We were about half the way there when Robby said, "The doctor will probably have to take a scraping of that spot."  WHAT?!  He KNEW that if he had mentioned that earlier, I might have reconsidered making that trip and attempted to treat myself.  I was none too happy about this new revelation.  You see, I'm the sort of person who can make myself physically ill just by thinking about stomach was already beginning to hurt.

We got to the office and the doctor examined my head and did the scraping (it really wasn't too terribly bad...) and told me that it most likely WAS a ringworm (ugh...).  I told him what Caitlin had said about more of my hair falling out and he reassured me that it would not.  He then said that, although ringworms in the head ARE difficult to get rid of, it could be treated with an oral medication (Whew!...).  "OK", I said..."So, what do I need to do?"  "Well, first we will need to do some blood tests to make sure that your liver functions are OK because you will have to be on this medication for 6-8 weeks."  WELL CRAP!  "And during the course of treatment, you will also have to have your blood drawn every 2 weeks."  DOUBLE CRAP!!  I looked at him and said, "I KNOW I got this from Costa Rica!"  He said, "That is quite possible." (Ugh...).

So, sitting here with a pink bandage on my arm...a scraped ringworm on my head and the prospect of being on medication for 2 months... and more blood tests, I can only think of one thing:  I went to Costa Rica...Never even left the airport...And came back with a souvenir that I do NOT want or even like!  WOW!!!  Now do YOU think that YOU might also have a little bit of a bad attitude for a couple of hours too?!

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