I couldn't believe that school started this week!  "NO WAY!", I said.  It was still HOT outside (in the triple digits every day...) and the pool water was still warm and blue.  I KNEW it was August, but how could summer already be over when it seemed like it had only just begun?!

You've most likely heard that old saying, "Time Flies".  Well, it seems that it flew at warp speed this summer and the new school year is already upon all of my teacher friends who are going back the classroom this week.  The first year I did not teach, I was sort of sad.  I liked going up to school and preparing my room for a new bunch of kids each year.  I created cute bulletin boards and spruced up my learning centers and helper charts for that exciting new school year beginning.  That was before they had "smart boards" and I would open a new pack of chalk...that was still in long sticks... in perfect condition... before I began writing with it or dropping it, causing me to have small pieces to write with for the remainder of the year.  The very thought of  a "new beginning" was exciting!

I KNOW that it is time for a new school year to begin, yet I long for summer (perhaps without the horrid temperatures...) to stretch on.  David and Ryan NEVER truly get a "summer vacation" any more and Justin is a grown up "worker man" (that's what he used to say when he was little...) now, so Caitlin is the lone child left at home who gets to spend the summer with me and do fun things.  I realized that summer was almost over, when she began ordering her school books this week in preparation for her last year of college.  "WAIT!", I said.  "WHEN do your classes start?"  "Monday..." (sigh...) We made our trek to town and bought her school supplies and snacks.  Kevin said, "School supplies?!  You are 21 and you STILL shop for school supplies with your mother?!"  Ummm...YES, Kevin!  She IS my "Baby Girl"...  So, I now prepare for her to also leave for the fall.  However, she will  be in Texas (instead of Washington, D.C.)  for this final year and that is only a few hours away; and somewhat comforting.

As I stopped to gas my car up this morning, I watched the guy mowing the grass, as the already 90-something degree breeze blew across my face; it sure felt like summer.  But I  knew that summer had "officially" come to an end; the cotton fields were full...school zone lights were flashing and the gym was noticeably bare.  Yes, summer is over... and now I will impatiently await fall's arrival along with some hopefully cooler temperatures!

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  1. The year has definitely flown by for certain. I for one am extremely ready for fall! Enough of the hot temps already! Great post!