Balance The Budget...Eat More Chicken!

You know, I really like that advertising campaign that Chick-a-Fillet has: the one where the cows are holding signs that say "Eat More Chiken".  As I thought about this the other day, it occurred to me that perhaps if our federal government adopted this same attitude, they could reduce our deficit and stay within a balanced budget.

Before you think that I am going all "political" on you, let me explain my theory.  When Robby and I were just starting our married life out, we didn't have much money...OK, we basically had NO money.  There was not an option to continue spending because one (the average citizen...) cannot get away with 1.  Writing checks without funds in their bank account 2.  Charging on credit cards without paying the balance and 3. Not paying their taxes when they are due.  In order to survive, we just had to make do with what we had available to us.  And living from paycheck to paycheck forced us to live within our means...which included EATING A LOT OF CHICKEN!

We had one of those big chest type of freezers back then and we would watch the newspaper ads from the grocery stores for SALES ON CHICKENS.  When they would go on sale, we would load up in the car...head out to the grocery store...and buy those chickens...AND LOTS OF THEM!  You could say that we "collected" chickens, like other people collected valuables. And to us, those chicken WERE valuable; with them in the freezer, we would never go hungry.  Do you know how many different dishes one can make using chickens?!  Baked chicken, fried chicken (a classic dish...),chicken and dumplings (a southern favorite...), chicken and rice, Mexican chicken casserole (the ethnic chicken experience) and other various chicken casseroles..shall I go on?!  It was much like the scenario from Forest Gump and those "Bubba Gump Shrimp".

We did not eat chicken because we liked chicken so much, but because it was within the means of our budget.  It did the trick (keeping us fed...) while also not costing a fortune.  And THAT is how I can relate chicken to our national debt problem.  People (not just the government...) do not know how to live within their means and then when they get in a bind, want someone else to come in and clean their mess up.  I have to ask myself a couple of questions concerning that issue:  1.  Why should other people (who did NOT overspend...) have to clean up the mess of those who DID overspend?  2.  Why is it so difficult to "cut back"?  If someone is seriously in debt...the obvious solution is that they are spending too much.  They need to STOP spending and start paying back what they owe. 

We live in a society today of "If I want it, I'm gonna get it and not worry about how to pay for it".  As the whole world can see...THAT'S JUST NOT WORKING!  Eventually, it will all catch up with you and THEN you will have to deal with it; just look at our federal government.  They are just the biggest current picture of what our society has become over the years.  As I said before..."Try eating more chicken!  It might just help balance the budget (while also keeping your cholesterol and weight down; an added bonus!).

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  1. Ooohlala you figured it out! Love seeing my button! and the Lucy link is the most amazing faith filled emotions from Kate Lucy's Mom.