Sunday Afternoons...A Nap, Homemade Pizza and a Classic Movie

There's nothing better than a Sunday afternoon nap.  OK, unless it is overcast, cool and raining outside, where each drop of rain lulls you to sleep.  Years ago, Sunday afternoons were my time to sneak off to my bedroom and snuggle down for a long nap.  Things have been so busy and hectic around here lately that I have not had that "nap opportunity" in a LONG while.  Today that was changing!

After church and lunch, I decided to grab my Kindle (I'm reading a really GREAT book that I just can't put down) and a blanket and curl up on the couch with Sissy and Annie (my two little doxies...).  The rest...I would just let happen.  I love that feeling of reading and getting lost in the story, when all of a sudden your eyes get so heavy that you just can't fight keeping them open any longer.  Succumbing to sleep (both the doxies and me...), I drifted off in what I consider to be the BEST sleep ever.  If I dreamt at all, it was about the last scene I had just read in my book before dozing off and when I awoke, I had that "puffy eye" feeling that only comes after a good Sunday afternoon nap.  It was 5:30 already!  WOW...time for the other little Sunday tradition that Robby and  I have begun; SUNDAY NIGHT HOMEMADE PIZZA!

Robby and I have always loved making homemade pizza together.  When the kids were younger, we would let them make their own personal size pizzas.  You see, we live in an area where pizza delivery is not available.  However, I believe that "our" pizza could stand up to any commercial pizza out there!  The crust is made from scratch and most times Robby makes his own fresh tomato sauce.  Next, we chop up all sorts of fresh vegetable to top the pizza with.  Lucky for me, there is a fresh produce stand literally about 1 minute from my house!  Every week the ingredients are different; we have used anything from fresh sliced tomatoes, roasted eggplant, fresh corn, red peppers, onions, get the picture!  Finally, we top it off with fresh mozzarella cheese.  After the pizza is out of the oven, Robby begins searching for a "classic" movie.  This week our movie is "Robin Hood:  Prince of Thieves".

I just LOVE Sundays!  It is a day of worshipping, resting and relaxing...It doesn't get much better than that!

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