The "Birthday Club" Takes A ROAD TRIP!!!

I LOVE birthdays; that one special day, devoted to one individual.  Around my house, we ALWAYS celebrate birthdays in a BIG way.  However, the "Birthday Club" is a "girls only" club, which includes a few of my most favorite people.  There are 5 of us in the club at this time.  We celebrate birthdays in August, December, February and April.  This past weekend was celebration time for "Ms. August" and we decided to do that celebrating with an entire weekend...and a ROAD TRIP!

The "Birthday Girl" gets to drink from the special "Birthday Wine Glass" all weekend

My sister, Carolyn's birthday is in August and my cousin Gayle and I decided to surprise her with something different this year.  I prepared the Lake House on Cane River for the weekend, while Gayle made her way here from Katy, Texas.  Along with her, she brought LOTS of yummy recipes, games and, of course, her jewelry (she sells Premier Jewelry) for us to rummage through and try on.

Avocado Black Bean Salsa was one of the recipes Gayle prepared for us

Gayle was sweet enough to print copies of all the recipes she made this weekend for us!

The "Birthday Girl" enjoying her day off from work with a glass of home made Sangria

No birthday is complete without "Little Cakes" cupcakes!

We played cards, Farkle and ate pizza and drank home made Sangria on night one and just before bedtime, revealed where we would be heading on our SURPRISE ROAD TRIP the next day...Jefferson, Texas!

Gayle and Lu said I was freezing them out...can it really be TOO cold with triple digit temps outside?!

Jewelry Time!!!

Caitlin was heading back to school in Marshall and she was the one who told us about Jefferson, originally.  It is a quaint little historic town just 20 minutes on the other side of Marshall.  After sitting on the back porch sipping coffee and talking, we loaded up and headed out for a day of antiquing in Jefferson!

Our first stop was to have lunch and there were LOTS of great looking restaurants in Jefferson to choose from, however, one immediately caught our eye...and we HAD to try it out!  We popped into the Kornbread Sandwich and Pie Restaurant.  Famous for "kornbread sandwiches", naturally, THAT is what we ordered.  When we finished eating lunch, we promised to return for one of the delicious looking pies to take home with us!

Braving the triple digit temperatures, we set out to check out those cute little shops around town.  One of our favorites was the General Store.  Chocked FULL of nostalgic merchandise AND an old timey soda counter, it reminded me of the old general store I used to visit with my grandma.

LOOK!!!  "Candy Cigarettes"...Remember those?

Caitlin went missing and when we finally found her, she had a COKE FLOAT...It was YUMMY!!!

EVERYBODY in Texas NEEDS a cowboy hat!

Look at these FUN glasses we found!

We browsed around more antique shops in town and before we knew it, it was time for us to head back to Natchitoches and Caitlin to Marshall.  BUT we did not forget to go back for that pie before we left!  We bought a Buttermilk Pie...  As we left beautiful Jefferson, Texas, we promised to return in the fall when the weather turns cooler.  The month of October would be fun; there are ghost tours and a ghost train ride, among other "Halloween-ish" events.  Or perhaps even in December we could go for a ride on the Rail of Lights.  Our first BIRTHDAY CLUB ROAD TRIP was FABULOUS!!!

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