Please Take A Moment To Pray For This Child And Her Mother...

As mothers, our children are our most treasured possessions.  They are a part of us.  We would live for them or die for them.  It has been said that "There is no love like a mother's love."  Even as I watched the movie, "The Passion of Christ" a few years ago, I kept my eye Mary, the mother of Jesus.  She was like any other mother; her was heart broken as her child was savagely taken from her. 

As mothers, we constantly pray that our child will be healthy and safe.  Often times, situations occur that rock our world.  Since I have been blogging, I have met someone whose world has been rocked.  I came upon her blog through another friend's blog.  This mother's life was clicking along like most other stay at home moms; she had given up one job in exchange for another that was much more difficult.  However, in the midst of raising 3 beautiful children, the unthinkable happened.  Her middle child, Lucy ( 5 years old), was found to have cancer.  She immediately underwent surgery and is now at St. Jude's, where she is literally fighting for her life on a daily basis. 

As I read the words of Lucy's mom, my heart breaks for her.  She is a "woman of faith" who is trusting in God to not only heal her child, but also sustain her as she stays by to watch the treatment ravage her child's body.  Some days are better than others, but I (and many other people...) continue to encourage her with our words of prayers for them.

You may ask..."Why are you telling me this?"  Because it is on my heart.  While we go about our daily business and worry about insignificant things, this mother is in true distress.  Her child...her most precious possession... is suffering and there is nothing she can do for her but sit there with her; and put her entire faith in God to help them get through each day.  She is exhausted.  She misses her other 2 children, one who is not quite a year old yet and she misses "normal".  While WE complain about being bored and the normalcy of our lives, this mother longs for it.

What would I have you do for her?  First, stop and say a prayer for Lucy and her mother.  Second, visit her blog to read about Lucy's story.  You can easily do this because I have her button on my blog.  Scroll down and look on the left side.  There is a button that says, "Praying for Lucy"; click on it.  This will take you to her blog.  Third, leave her an encouraging comment; let her know that there is now one more person praying for Lucy (and her...).  Fourth, if you are ever wondering where to send a few dollars as a worthy contribution, please consider sending them to St. Jude's Hospital.  And finally, I would have you count your blessings daily.  Do like the old hymn says to do, "Name them one by one".  Many times we get so caught up in our mundane lives that we forget there are others out there who are hurting; those who are just struggling to survive.  Sometimes we NEED to see this to realize how small our problems really are. 



  1. The most amazing faith filled family. I pray for Lucy and know others will too! Many times I have cried tears reading her blog. Go Lucy Go! Go Kate too!

  2. Thank you barbara. From one mother to another. Thank you