Day Trip To The FLORIDA KEYS...

It was difficult to believe that a hurricane was traveling across the water toward the U.S.  South Beach was sunny, hot and just as beautiful as ever.  Robby's meeting had been the day before and I had enjoyed the day reading and relaxing on that white sand.  The next morning, I had planned to do the same...however, Robby is a planner and he had a little something different in store for us that day!

ME:  "What are we doing today?"
ROBBY:  "Don't worry about that...just get dressed."
ME:  "Well, if I don't know WHERE we're going then how do I know WHAT to wear?"
ROBBY:  "Just throw some shorts on and pack your swimsuit and a towel."
ME:  "OK...(I had not managed to get ANYTHING out of him...)"

When I travel without Robby, I take cabs or public me, THAT's best; I would NEVER find my way around with the sense of direction I have.  When Robby travels with me, we usually rent a vehicle.  This time it was a convertible!  We hopped into the car with the top down and hit the road...I STILL did not know where we were headed.

Many miles later, our "Day Trip" was revealed...we were headed to The Florida Keys!  I had only once visited Key West briefly on a cruise ship stop; Robby had never been.  The "original" plan was to only visit The Upper Keys; Key Largo and Islamorada.  After stopping at the tourist information center, we were convinced to go ahead and drive all the way to Key West.  However, before we continued to drive south, we made a couple of stops in Islamorada...

Ernest Hemingway's boat found at Bass Pro store in Islamorada

These were a few of Hemingway's books that I just HAD to have a copy of

Outdoor restaurant and bar in Islamarada

We ate lunch here.  I had the fish tacos...

And Robby had a fresh swordfish sandwich

Once on the road, the sun began to beat down on us in that little convertible, and although it felt good to have the wind in my face, I could feel my skin beginning to was HOT!  We stopped to apply sunscreen and continued on.  And as we did, 2 things kept running through my head:  Ernest Hemingway and Jimmy Buffet.  I opposites, yet both artists.  THAT was what Key West was all about; a laid back place where no one gets in a hurry and people can enjoy life...a haven for creative individuals.

I'm not going to lie, my body had to adjust to the heat for a while.  I thought that perhaps I was going to sweat into a puddle of butter out there.  After downing my first bottle of water, I deemed that we NEEDED to get a piece of Key Lime Pie...OK, we could sit inside to eat it.  However, one CANNOT visit Key West without eating a piece of Key Lime Pie.  It was DELICIOUS!

Our slice of Key Lime Pie that we ate here was DELICIOUS!

As we wandered from shop to shop the Cuban influence could be seen and felt everywhere.  Pedestrians, those on bicycles and scooters...and even golf carts could be found roaming the streets.  Men shirtless and everyone with straw hats on (hats are NOT just a fashion statement...they are used to break the heat) their heads.  No one got in a hurry and I suddenly knew why people, and artists in particular, liked living here.

We planned to stay for the sunset; every day in Key West on a certain point, people gather to celebrate the setting of the sun over the water.  However, some clouds came rolling in and we could hear thunder begin to rumble in the distance.  There would be no visible setting sun on this day.  And so we decided to head back to our car to begin our 3 hour drive back to Miami.  On the way back though, I snapped some shots of the wonderful little houses found in Key West that also reflect the attitude of easy living there.

I just LOVE how all of the little houses here are enclosed by cute little fences.  And all have cozy front porches too.

It is not unusual to find pink, aqua or yellow houses all around Key West.

Three hours on a one-way road is a lot more interesting with the top of a convertible down in the sunshine than it is in complete darkness.  But we made it back by 11 that evening and it had been a very good day.  As soon as we got onto Collins Avenue in Miami, however, we could tell that the winds had changed...quite literally.  The palm trees were bending in the wind and people's hair and skirts were blowing around in the breeze.  Hurricane Irene was predicted to miss Miami, but we now KNEW that, indeed, she WAS out there.  We had opted to stay until Friday morning and hoped that we had made the right decision.  Walking out onto our room's balcony, the waves were really putting on a show as they pounded the shore.  Thursday would definitely not be a beach day, but I'm sure we could find something to do on our last day...of our last beach trip of the year.


  1. Something about you new blog, tell Kassie. It takes forever to load and scrolling down is really slow. I don't think it was that wasy before. She can tell you why or fix it.

  2. Thanks! I noticed that too but thought it was bc I've been on hotel Internet

  3. Barbara, your button is on my blog! Have fun at Parker's party! I'm sure you'll post about it.