These Are Just A FEW Of The Reasons I LOVE The Beach So...

Well, the last beach trip of the year is over for me.  I KNOW...sad, huh?  But I DO consider myself fortunate since I only usually get to make one beach trip each year.  As I sat on the beach this week, I began to ponder the many reasons I LOVE the beach so much and thought that I would share a few of those reasons with you all!

First, I must tell you that I find the beach a very healing place to be.  The salt water breeze and water itself are actually healing to the human body.  Being on the beach, itself, can also heal the spirit.  It is a place where one can unwind, reflect and renew a weary soul.  Here are just a "few" of the observations I made while enjoying my time there this week...

The sound of the waves washing up onto the shore with their steady rhythm make conditions very conducive for relaxing.  There are sound machines that can actually be purchased that contain this sound so that people can experience relaxation in their own homes.

There is nothing like having sand between your toes.  I don't EVER go barefooted outside at home, but I LOVE walking on the sand in my bare feet.  It is nature's very own exfoliater...much better than you can get at any pedicure salon!

When I visit the beach, I always try to get a hotel located right on the beach.  That way, getting to my "Happy Place" is only a few steps away.

And if there is anything better than having a hotel on the beach...It would have to be having "A Room With a View"!

Where you can treat yourself to room service breakfast at least once...

What I REALLY enjoy doing while relaxing on the beach is catching up on my reading.  And I don't even have to leave to go get lunch...there are waiters who bring it right to your chair!

Besides sunbathing, I always get an umbrella too...It's a nice place to nap while the sound of the waves lull you to sleep.

Good-bye, Dear Beach, for now...I will miss you terribly... BUT, we"ll plan to get together again NEXT YEAR!

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