Attempting To GET ORGANIZED To "GET" ORGANIZED For This Wedding!!!

Getting "organized" is truly NOT my strong suit.  My mind (and body) flits from one thing to the next.  I tout myself as being able to "multi-task" well. Dr. David (my middle son...) has informed me that the correct term for that is, "ADD".  I do NOT have ADD...what does HE know?!  He might be "almost  a doctor, but I am STILL the mother.  However, I have been told by our wedding planner that I NEED to get one of those wedding planning books and begin to get organized (ugh...)

Being told to "Get Organized" is like being told, "Go to your room and do your homework."  I want to do EVERYTHING else BUT "Get Organized".  I can't help it; that's just who I am.  Oh, I have GREAT, CREATIVE ideas, but I don't tend to put them in any order.  When the boys got married, I just jotted those ideas down on pieces of paper and every so often, I would take them out to check what was on them and attempt to consolidate things onto one list.  Guess what was on those little pieces of paper?...All the same things!  So, somewhere in my mind, I KNOW that I MUST become better organized for this wedding, therefore, I have made the first steps toward that goal this past week.

To say that Lori, one of my best friends AND wedding planner and Caitlin both are "organized" is really understating matters.  OK...example?  Yesterday, Caitlin sent me a Power Point Presentation of ideas for her wedding!  WOW!...Not only do I NOT know HOW to do a Power Point Presentation, but I certainly would NEVER think of (or take the time if I knew how...) doing one for my wedding planning.  I am quite sure that these 2 will make enough lists for all of us, but I also want to do my job as mother of the bride and at least APPEAR to have it all together.  To begin this process, I made a stop at the book store on our way home from New Orleans the other day.

Half way between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, I asked Robby if he would mind stopping at the bookstore when we got to Baton Rouge; I wanted to get a wedding planning binder.  Tabitha, Caitlin's maid of honor, had given her one already that she was steadily filling  up with pamphlets, business cards and torn pages from magazines; I was determined to get one too (even if mine didn't have all that stuff in it...).  Upon stopping at the book store, I gazed around and spotted the wedding section and told Robby I was heading over there; he headed in the opposite direction.  My only goal was to get that wedding binder and get out of there...but something happened when I got over there that I was afraid of and things didn't turn out that way.

Once I got over to the wedding section, I found that not only were there MANY wedding binders, there were also LOTS of other magazines and books located in that section that were very enticing.  And let me just tell you...I am very easily enticed when I get inside a book store; I can spend literally HOURS there.  The first thing I did, was to get the wedding binders down that looked interesting to me.  Comparing them, I quickly set aside 2 that had made it to the "final possibility category".  THEN, my eyes began to wander to those magazines and books.  I found one on cakes...we NEEDED a cake; this magazine could possibly give us some ideas.  And one on flowers...we NEEDED flowers too; I tossed both onto the growing stack on the floor.  I also threw in a few Bridal Magazine just because they had "pretty pictures" in them...and OH, I found the NEATEST book that had all sorts of information on the history of  bridal traditions and why people chose to use them.  I glanced around and Robby was no where in sight.  I had enough sense to realize that this search of mine was about to get a little out of hand, so looking at that stack of wedding material on the floor, I sifted through it and chose only what I deemed necessary (for that day..) and headed out to find Robby and get out of there before I used up all of my budgeted money for the wedding attempting to read about staying in budget for the wedding.

Robby was hiding pretty far away; I found him upstairs wandering around.  Thrusting that stack of books into his hand, I said, "Let's pay for these and get outta here!"  He grabbed them and we headed out.  He asked me if I wanted to look at the books on the rest of our drive home and I nodded in the affirmative.  HECK!  I may as well get started; it was gonna take me a while to make it through all of that material. 

I have been looking at that stack of books for 3 days now; actually moved them from my kitchen island...the the bar...and now they find themselves resting on the staircase.  I DID look through them in the car on my drive home the other day; even browsed through the monthly check-lists in that wedding organizer binder.  However, I didn't make it as far as actually checking things off of any of those lists.  And torn pictures in the folder pockets?...Hmmm, well, I'm STILL in the "thinking about it stage" where that is concerned.  BUT...I do APPEAR to now be organized; and THAT counts for SOMETHING, doesn't it?!

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  1. You may now officially check off ... buy wedding planning book! See you are well on your way. See you next weekend!