Remembering 9.11...And HOW It Has Changed The World We Live In Today

I remember 9.11 very well.  I believe we all do.  My oldest son had just left home for college.  He was only 17 and I was sending him off to live in Baton Rouge to become an LSU TIGER.  That, event was bittersweet for me in itself.  I had quit teaching the previous year and was about to embark upon home-schooling Caitlin for her 6th grade year.  David had just launched what was to be a fabulous year of high school football for him.  Ryan had just entered high school, himself.  Things in my family were changing quickly.  I wanted to stop the world from spinning for just a moment so I could catch my breath.  However, I was not prepared for the "pause" our world would take when September 11 dawned.

Life was going on as usual that day; the kids were sent off to school, Robby was at work and I headed off to the gym for my morning work-out.  I remember walking into the gym and starting to scan my card when I noticed a group of people surrounding one of the televisions.  Curious, I walked over to see what had so captured their attention.  I was confused when I saw the burning building; What was it?  What had happened?  That was about the time that the other plane hit the other World Trade Center as we all watched in total shock.  This was OUR country.  I had only taken my picture with those buildings in the background a couple of years back.  I quickly came to my senses, walked over and phoned Robby.  "Turn the television on!", I said..."The World Trade Centers have been hit by planes...We are under attack!"

Robby's company has worked for the military for years and after tuning in to what was happening, he knew exactly how serious this was.  He got in touch with all of his employees and made sure that they were OK and had gotten off of the bases safely.  The bases were on lock down and everyone who was not military personnel was escorted off.  There would be no planes flying that day.  Our country was under siege.  The country was gripped with fear.

Although I had seen war torn countries on the news for years, it had never occurred to me that The United States could ever be attacked.  The unthinkable had happened and I was not only afraid for the people of New York City, I was afraid for what this meant to our way of life here...and how my children's lives would forever be effected.

That evening as we sat and watched the tragic scene in New York City unfold before our eyes, I began to feel a definite heaviness in my heart; an ache that things would never be the same.  In the following days we attended our high school's football game, the LSU game and our church service.  Each of these weekly events we had routinely participated in, addressed what had happened.  There was a quiet that had spread over our nation; a reverence.  All of the political, religious and racial barriers had been torn down during this "pause" in our world; it was the first time that I had witnessed this in my entire life.  I felt as though we were "united" for once.

Most feelings wane over time, however, we found that most people were now wary.  Waiting to see what happened next was scary.  I didn't feel as safe as I had the rest of my life.  What was even worse was the fact that Robby had to fly the week after the attacks; the thought of this made me very nervous.  I thought of all those people who trustingly got on those planes that day.  I was afraid of what might still happen.  He made the trip safely, but recalled how eerily quiet it had been on the flight.

Ten years later, I find myself a little apprehensive once again.  The anniversary date of 9.11 is here and both my husband and my daughter are in the air, flying from two different destinations.  I will not breathe well until they land.  Our world paused for a day...Our lives were changed forever.  GOD BLESS AMERICA...and All Of Us!

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