I CAN Keep A Secret... I Just DID For 140 DAYS!!!

SOME people believe that I cannot keep a secret.  I just proved them wrong since I kept a VERY IMPORTANT one for 140 DAYS!  I realize that the mere fact that I know how many days I kept the secret indicates how difficult this was for me...but I was BOUND by my word not to tell...OK, I was told that I would NOT be told the secret if I could not PROMISE to keep it AND never give anything away by even the look on my face.

On Easter weekend, all of the boys made it home.  Not necessarily because they just wanted to be here, but they al hadl this idea that Kevin was going to ask Robby's permissions to marry Caitlin.  For some reason, they thought that THEY should all be consulted too.  We spent most of the weekend at our Lake House in Natchitoches and everyone hung around very close that weekend.  Once, I even looked out the window to see Caitlin and Kevin...AND DAVID in the hammock.  Yes, you heard me correctly...David had joined them out there in an attempt to ferret out any information he could.  What they didn't know, however, was that Robby and Kevin had already taken a boat ride before they arrived.  Kevin HAD indeed asked for Caitlin's hand in marriage, but not even she knew about it.  He told Robby to only tell me if he thought I could "keep the secret"; he KNEW that this wasn't one of my strong suits!  Well, I BEGGED for Robby to tell me what had gone down on that boat ride, but he just wasn't going to tell me unless I promised to not say a word to ANYBODY; Kevin wanted the proposal to be a surprise.  Hmph!  I was insulted...COULDN'T KEEP A SECRET?!  I would show them...

Kevin asked Robby if he had told me...he said "No".  I think that was just to put his mind at ease, since apparently he had no faith in my ability to keep that secret...But I KNEW; Oh, I KNEW!  And I was determined to keep my secret, although as the days and months began to roll by...and people were asking, "Do you think Caitlin will soon be engaged?"...I found it  very difficult to have to pretend not to know anything...BUT I DID.  So, when Caitlin left for Kentucky to visit Kevin this past weekend, Robby calmly said, "Well, she's going to get engaged this weekend."  "WHAT?!  Do you think so?", I asked.  He nodded his head in the affirmative.

I got the call around 12:25 a.m.  Caitlin had called me when her plane arrived and said she would just send a text message later since it would take an hour and a half to get to Kevin's house from the airport.  Therefore, when the phone rang it both startled and scared me to death.  I glanced at the Caller ID and saw her number on it.  Sleepily jerking the phone off the stand, I hoped that nothing had happened to them driving back (I know...a mother ALWAYS worries).  Then, this tiny voice said, "Hey, Mom...what are you doing?"  "Ummm...sleeping"  (Sometimes I wonder about these kids...calling at all hours of the night and asking silly questions like that).  That's when she told me, "I got engaged tonight!"  BOINK!!!  The sleep  suddenly fell from my eyes as she continued, "I wanted to call you because Kevin wasn't sure you knew...I interrupted, "AHHHH!!!  I KNEW...AND I KEPT THE SECRET...SINCE EASTER!!!"  I could hear the laughing on the other end of the line and in the background.  I could tell they were both surprised by the fact that I had kept that secret so safely to myself.  I'm not gonna lie now...I'm pretty excited that THE CAT IS OUTTA THE BAG!  Keeping a secret for that long surely mustn't be good for anyone. 

What now?  Tomorrow I will tell you about the proposal and all that followed...

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