The Proposal AND...The Aftermath!

I may have been slightly groggy when Caitlin woke me up to tell me she was engaged, but I quickly perked up as she related the details of "The Proposal".  I knew that Kevin would plan this out in a special way for Caitlin; that's just who he is.  David often times tells him to "Quit doing such romantic and thoughtful things" because he is making all of the other guys in the family look bad.  However, he is also the one who calls to get ideas on how to impress his own wife from Kevin! 

After Kevin and Caitlin drove for an hour and a half to get to his house, he sat her down and played a video he had made for her.  You see, this weekend marked one year that they had been dating.  He had compiled a video of all sorts of things that they had done over the past year together and she was so touched that she sat there crying while watching it.  And when the video ended, he reached up for a small box...and she shouted, "OH MY GOSH!...HAVE YOU TALKED TO MY DAD YET?!"
Caitlin and her Daddy

The next morning, I had pictures of the ring texted to my cell phone.  Not only was it beautiful, it fit what Caitlin always said she wanted her ring to look like.  She had stated many times before that, "The guy I marry will just KNOW what type of ring to get me...I don't want to pick it out."  She also called to tell me not tell anyone just yet because she had a few telephone calls to make first that morning.  She would be calling both of her grandmothers...and HER BROTHERS.

Justin was the first one to receive a call.  And I am quite certain that he had barely disconnected with her, when he dialed me up.  "Why wasn't I informed about this ahead of time?!"  Hmmm...Let's see, perhaps that would be because you aren't her dad?  I didn't say THAT, but I DID say was, "I was SWORN to secrecy."  He informed me that, THAT was no excuse.  Continuing, he said, "I didn't even know she was in Kentucky, must less getting engaged!"  "Oh well, Sarah knew she was going there."  "I suppose we will be having a summer wedding again this year", I said.  "WHAT?!  Don't you think that's a little soon?"  I gently reminded him that HE started dating Sarah, got engaged and then married all within one year.  I suppose he had forgotten those little details.  He seemed to think that things were different where his baby sister were concerned.
Justin and Kevin

Both grandmothers, of course, were ecstatic about the news.  And they also said, they KNEW this was coming.  Caitlin then began trying to call both David and Ryan; they were apparently sleeping in, therefore she didn't get them for quite a while.  All I wanted to do was to get my best friend in Dallas on the phone; she is an events planner and floral designer; I needed to hire her ASAP to be our wedding planner/floral designer.  I supposed I would just have to wait a little longer (sigh)...I went to the gym to kill some time (and grab some much needed endorphins...).

When Caitlin spoke to Ryan, he took the news well.  He had already given his "stamp of approval" on Kevin, which was very important since Ryan and Caitlin are so close.  He and Justin did speak about the engagement (I think Justin was still trying to assimilate this information...) and Ryan merely told Justin one thing:  "Yea, David always told me, 'Ryan, don't ever let your friends date Caitlin'...and now look whose friend is marrying her."
Ryan and Kevin

David was the last for her to get in touch with.  David and Kevin have been very good friends for the past  few years.  They met in medical school and were neighbors for a year.  Kevin had asked David if he could even date his sister (which I thought was sweet...).  Apparently, David had told all of his friends that his sister was off limits because she was an "angel".  OK...let me explain.  From the moment I brought her home from the hospital, David has adored his baby sister.  I can remember him just laying in front of her and staring at her.  When she tried out for varsity cheerleader her freshman year of high school, David came in and waited in the parking lot for her to see it she had made the squad.  She ran across that parking lot upon finding out that indeed she had made the squad and jumped right into his arms, with her legs wrapping around his waist like a spider monkey.  David' s approval meant a lot to her.
David and Kevin

Giving someone permission to marry your daughter or sister is a scary thing.  If we didn't love, trust and respect him, he would have never even gotten to that point.  I believe he realizes what a precious possession of ours he is about to inherit. 

                                         Caitlin and "Her Boys"...THEN


As I got ready to leave my fitness class at the gym, I hoped that everyone on Caitlin's list had been "officially" notified so I could call my friend.  I rolled my yoga mat up and grabbed my keys and cell phone.  Glancing down at the screen on my phone, it appeared she had indeed notified everyone...I had a list of missed calls and voice messages!  Well, I guess it was time to buckle myself into my seat for yet another ride down the aisle.  Only thing was...this time I was in the driver's seat and there sure was going to be a LOT to do as the mother of the bride.  MORE VITAMINS, PLEASE!!!
Caitlin and Kevin...the "New" Guy in her life

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