You Might Be THE RENAISSANCE MAN...But You Are NOT Making The Wedding Cake!

David is the one who originally gave Robby the name of, "Renaissance Man".  When he first called him this, Robby looked at him questioningly..."What do you mean by that?", he asked.  Well, you see, it is known by all that Robby will NEVER say that he can't do something.  And I must admit that I haven't seen anything he CAN'T do.  He can build things (including a boat he is working on...), cook things, teach me to knit, help Caitlin and me pick out great shoes (his taste is impeccable...) and just about anything he sets his mind to do.  Admitting all of this, however, does NOT mean that I am going to allow him to make Caitlin's wedding cake...A girl has to draw the line SOMEWHERE!

Remember that cake decorating class that I told you Robby and Caitlin took her senior year of high school?  Well, it became a running "joke" (I had hoped...), that he would one day make Caitlin's wedding cake.  Oh, that was quite a funny thing to think of when there wasn't an upcoming wedding.  Now that there IS one, that little subject of him making the wedding cake has resurfaced.  I really don't find it as amusing as before!

For a week now (the same amount of time as Caitlin has been engaged...), Robby has mentioned NUMEROUS times how he is going to "make the wedding cake".  I KNOW that he is just kidding with me (I hope...), but he is relentless.  He has begged and offered to take more "advanced" classes and even declared that he would make a "sample cake" during the holidays for me to approve.  My reply has been consistently and emphatically..."NO!"

Caitlin came home over the weekend, excited to show us her ring and discuss wedding plans.  I was in the other room, when I heard the subject arise.  "Hey, Caitlin..." and at the SAME time Robby was saying, "Can I make your wedding cake?"...Caitlin said, "Dad, are you still going to make my wedding cake?"  UGH!!!  Those two!  I could HEAR the grin in both of their voices; they were tag teaming me now!  I shouted out, "NO!  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  He is NOT making your wedding cake!!!"  I heard them snicker and give one another high fives.  Caitlin had already asked 9 girls to be her bridesmaids and one was a friend from high school who knew about their cake decorating class.  Caitlin told her dad, "Stephanie was wondering if you were going to use those 'sweet skills' you had learned in our cake decorating class to make my wedding cake."  Once again, I shouted..."Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is you dad making your wedding cake!!!  We are hiring a PROFESSIONAL to do it."  I could hear him say, "I AM a professional..."

Apparently, Caitlin took a picture out of her wedding folder with the cake she wants.  I heard Robby say, "Barbara...This cake looks like it has a coral reef on top of it; I'm not sure if I have the skills to make THIS cake."  FINALLY!!!  He walked into the other room, where I was decorating the mantle to show me the picture.  Well, it wasn't a coral reef (yet ANOTHER good reason for him not to be making the cake if he couldn't tell what was on top...) and just as I was about to agree with him, he looked at that picture a little more closely and said, "OH, I guess I COULD...if just take a FEW MORE CLASSES".  Ugh!...Just when I thought I had this thing whipped!  Well, "Renaissance Man" or not...Mark my word; HE'S NOT MAKING THE WEDDING CAKE!!!

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  1. I agree, no he is not! He can surprise her though and make one for the bridesmaids luncheon!