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I got an e-mail this past week from someone starting a new web page.  They asked if they could do an interview with me and in exchange I agreed to tell you about their page; it is called: . Not only will you find GREAT articles on issues relating to parenting and motherhood, they also have some WONDERFUL coupons available (now WHO wouldn't LOVE that?!).  Below you can find out a little bit more about this site from my guest blogger, Jennifer Drummond who is with  Please click on the link to check the page out for yourselves!  OH...and stay tuned for my interview where you will find out my "Top Ten Tips for Moms", among other things!  HAPPY READING, Mommies!  


I am pleased to welcome Jennifer Drummond from as guest blogger. 

We have just launched a brand new site, MommyPage">MommyPage>, to bring expecting moms, new moms and veteran moms a single source to all of the deals, coupons and savings opportunities offered over the internet! 
Our goal at
MommyPage">MommyPage> is to search the internet to find and merge the latest free samples, coupons and special offers from some of the best name brands that mothers like us love!  When the brands we love most aren’t offering something particular - we have a team of moms that reach out to those companies to motivate them to offer something great to our MommyPage Turners!   MommyPage currently has found and posted offers such as VTech Kids, Kellogg’s, ThredUp, Baby Talk and American Baby!
Beyond our offers and discounts, MommyPage helps all moms navigate their way through parenting. Our community of moms share stories on buying maternity clothes, healthy eating for two, baby conduct, first day at preschool and more!  Being a mom is about managing a home and lifestyle.  With our helpful hints on parenting and access to savings - we hope to help moms make parenthood a successful experience!
We hope that you allow us to join you in your adventure in parenting!  Visit our

***I have not received any monetary compensation for recommending this site as per the guidelines of BlogHer Publishing***

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