Reasons To LOVE "THE BIG EASY"...

This past weekend, Robby and I traveled to New Orleans.  Ryan had a rare day off from school and we also had Broadway play tickets for the weekend.  I called to ask Ryan if he would also like to see "The Addam's Family" with us; agreeing, we made a plan!

We decided to stay with Ryan in his apartment for the weekend.  Generally, we stay at a hotel, but WOW!  How lucky is it to have someone in town now to be able to avoid that crush of people at hotels during both the theater season AND the Saints football season.  We got out of town early on Friday and ending up there around lunch time, decided to head out to eat.  Let me just tell you one thing...There is pretty much NO PLACE in the New Orleans area one can dine that isn't just GREAT!...And THIS is ONE of the reasons that I LOVE "THE BIG EASY"...
This restaurant can be found in Metairie, Louisiana

Ryan had the soft shell crab for lunch

Robby had a shrimp salad...

And I had a half catfish po-boy

THIS is the dessert we shared!

After eating lunch, we checked the listings for movies.  Ryan never goes out; he spends all of his time with his head in the books.  We decided to make the most of the weekend, by treating him to some R&R!  Robby had read the book, "Money Ball" several years back and determined that this would be the movie we would see.  I wasn't sure what the movie was about, so they both gave me a brief synopsis and HEY!  I'm always game to go see a guy show...after all, I HAVE hooked them into a few "Chick Flicks" from time to time.  I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend that you see it.  It was based on a trued story, which made it of interest to me.  Dining out again for dinner (at another little wonderful hole in the wall place...), we enjoyed visiting with our baby boy, whom we still talked to every day, but seldom got to visit with in person any more (Darn dental school!)

The next morning, we got ready and headed out to see "The Addam's Family".  Robby and I have had season tickets to the theater in New Orleans for years now.  The Saenger Theatre, where Broadway Across America brought their performances, was so "Old New Orleans"; I just loved the atmosphere of that theater.  Katrina did quite a bit of damage to The Saenger and our plays were put on hold for a while and then moved to the Mahalia Jackson Theater.  Next year (FINALLY...) the Saenger should be completely restored and our plays will be moved back there again.  However, whether in The Saenger or The Mahalia Jackson Theater, the Broadway Across American performances are always AMAZING; "The Addam's Family" was no exception!  When the lights went down and the music began, we were all transported to another world for 2 1/2 hours.  This musical had a great story line (about Wednesday Addam's engagement!...imagine THAT!), was wonderfully comical and the music was fantastic.  Needless to say...We LOVED the play! 

Next, we headed out to make a stop at Whole Foods in preparation for the LSU game, which we planned to watch at Ryan's apartment later in the evening.  Let me just say...I LOVE "WHOLE FOODS"!  I voiced that to both Robby and Ryan on our way there, telling them that if we had one in the town where we lived, THAT would definitely be where I shopped.  Cutting his eyes at me, Robby replied, "Hmmm...Then there would be NO TELLING what you would be bringing home for me to eat!"  Ryan snickered in the back seat and added, "Maybe horse or cattle feed, Dad..."  THOSE TWO!  Any way, they indulged me and allowed me to wander the store for a while, just soaking in all of that luscious fresh and organic food!  It was better that visiting a clothing boutique for me!...YEP!  I SURE could be a "California Girl".  After completing our purchases, we headed back to prepare our dinner before the game began...and WHAT A GAME!!!  Sorry, but don't you just LOVE THOSE TIGERS?!  That game pushed them into the NUMBER ONE spot.
LOVE this place!


Sunday morning as we prepared to leave for home, Robby and I decided to head down to the French Quarters and have breakfast.  There are SO many things that I LOVE about the French Quarters in New Orleans, that I took my camera out and got a few shots to share with y'all...

Yep!  I LOVE visiting New Orleans for many reasons: the French influence and culture, the great cuisine, the theater, Saints football...But NOW the MAIN REASON I LOVE New Orleans so much is because one of my most favorite people in the world lives there; My "Baby Boy"!

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