You Want To Interview ME?!

I received an e-mail from a new web-page out there asking if they could interview me., WHY in the world would ANYBODY want to interview ME?!  They told me that they were launching this new page for mothers, for me to check it out and then get back to them.

I must admit, although I have been "mothering" for almost 28 years now, I don't consider myself to be any sort of "expert" on the topic.  I just know what worked for me and my family and I can tell you about the journey that I have taken along the way.  I checked the site out and decided...WHAT THE HECK!  They wanted to hear from REAL mommies and I SURELY qualified as THAT!

So, after agreeing to do the interview, they sent me the questions and the first thing I thought was, "OH MY GOSH!...This is like a homework assignment!"  Thus, I treated it as such.  I consider myself to be the "Queen of Procrastination" and I truly lived up to that self-imposed title while pondering these interview questions.  I looked at them and there were quite a lot of them to answer.  I closed the e-mail back up and thought on them for a day.  I opened the e-mail back up the next day and actually wrote the questions down...and thought about them for another day (this is what "procrastinators do...).  EVENTUALLY, I decided to set myself a goal to have that interview done by, and so I set my computer up and got to work.  When Robby came home that evening, I was STILL working on it.  He glanced around the kitchen (which had NO supper prepared...) and commented, "Oh, I see you have been working on dinner all afternoon."  Hmph!  "I'm WORKING", I said.  He moved to the couch where he took a little cap nap while I finished up the interview and e-mailed it back off.  WHEW!!!  Check THAT off my list.

The interview may have taken me a while to complete, but I'm glad that I did it; it forced me to examine the importance of parenting.  That interview was published today on and I hope that you will all click on the link and check it out!  There is information about me, my blog, what my biggest challenge was being a mom, things that kids do that I wish they wouldn't, things that moms do that I wish they wouldn't, my Top 10 Tips for Moms...and MUCH MORE!  Check it out and come back and leave me a comment to let me know what you think. I


  1. I think your interview was awesome! I received an email just like yours and honestly thought the same things you did. I went to the site to check them out and came across your post. Such great insight! I totally agree - especially with the part about putting your husband first. As a newly empty nest couple, I am enjoying the benefits! :)

    BTW I'm your newest follower from both of my blogs and would love for you to check them out! Your blogs is just great!!

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  2. Thanks so much, Lisa! I sure will check your blogs out; love reading new stuff!