A HOT Cup of Tea on a COLD Day...

I began drinking hot tea when I was just a young girl.  You see, Saturday mornings at 9 a.m. was the scheduled day for my weekly, hour long classical piano lesson.  Halfway through this lesson, my teacher (an elderly gentleman who played the pipe organ just down the street at The First Baptist Church...) would have his housekeeper prepare us a pot of hot tea.  Oh, I can say at first I wasn't too keen on drinking hot tea, but as time passed I began to enjoy it and can say that today it is one of the simple pleasures I enjoy.

There's nothing like brewing a hot cup of tea on a cold day.  And YES...I do it in a pot; that is part of the ritual that makes tea drinking so enjoyable...

Robby bought me this pot last year for Valentine's Day.  It came from World Market and I just LOVE it!

And when drinking hot tea, I think it's BEST when you drink it from a tea cup!
                 This is one of my favorite tea cups; it it part of my set of original wedding china.

Along with the teapot, Robby also bought me a tea box to store some of my favorite teas in...

This afternoon's tea choice was Ginger Peach Black Tea.  These teas have wonderful flavors.  Caitlin brought me lots of them just before she graduated college last May.  She had money left over on her food plan card so instead of wasting it...we got TEA!

          There are so many cute items for tea drinkers; Isn't this a sweet dragonfly tea infuser?

      My sister got me this awesome tea thermos for Christmas this year; I can't wait to try it out!

Tea is not only enjoyable but research has found that there are also many health benefits associated with drinking tea.  Here are just a few: 
                                             Tea has antioxidants that may protect cells against free radicals
                                             Tea boosts the immune system
                                             Tea is calorie-free
                                             Tea increases you metabolism
                                             Tea may lower your risk of heart disease
                                             Tea can lower bad cholesterol
                                             Tea is a great cancer fighter
                                             Tea flavonoids may be bone building

I like to drink hot peppermint tea for a scratchy throat and cough.  Tummy Ease is a wonderful quick acting tea for stomach aches and chamomile tea is great to drink at bedtime to help you sleep.

What started out many years ago as a break for my fingers on the piano has turned into a lifelong simple pleasure for me.  You should try it too.  HOT tea on a COLD day...There's nothing like it!


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