Christmas Is Over...It's Cold Outside...And Everybody's Getting Sick

I started taking down my Christmas decorations, mopped the floors and did some laundry.  Everybody has pretty much dispersed, except for the boys who will be rolling in Sunday to travel to Atlanta with Robby to watch the LSU Tigers play in their bowl game.  The thing is...Winter has finally hit (ugh...).  For us, here in the south, we just don't handle temperatures in the 30's and 40's very well.  People start getting sick and I start staying in to avoid getting whatever it is they have.  Unfortunately, Caitlin caught a bad cold just before she left going back to Ohio (Where it is REALLY cold...), Robby has also now caught a cold and poor little Parker Ann has RSV.  I am continuing to take all of my vitamins daily, including Vitamin C in hopes that I can escape getting sick...

                                                                      My two sick girls.
Parker has to stay in and take it easy for a while longer; she can't even return to school until the 8th.
       Here's what Caitlin returned to!  And I think I'M miserable with the cold temps here?!
Baby Holli grew while she was visiting YaYa and Poppi!  Sadly, Caitlin won't be able to travel now that she is getting close to 7 months along in her pregnancy.

Well, I'm hoping that winter only lasts for a couple more months here and we are back to shorts, sunshine and warmer weather soon!  Here's wishing you all a VERY BLESSED NEW YEAR!

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