It's "Official"...Christmas Is Here; The COOKING Has Begun!

For Robby, it's all about cooking and the food.  Ryan and Caitlin are the two who cook with him and no recipe is too difficult to tackle.  Last night Caitlin arrived and I cooked a healthy dinner of grilled chicken breasts and vegetables.  They ate that dinner and then before I knew what was happening, they were planning a dessert.  Yea, great for them but pretty sad for the lady here who is on the South Beach Diet (sigh...).  And did I mention this was all taking place around 8 p.m.?!

It's hard to get aggravated with these two when one can see how happy this late night cooking makes them.

                                            After they were cut out, the do-nuts had to rise...

                                       The final product was finished around 10 O'clock!

Oh, they definitely looked delicious but I let those two do all the eating of the sweets that late at night while I mentally kept up my mantra..."Will Power, Will Power, Will Power..."  YEP, Christmas is "officially" here; the cooking has begun! (Ryan will be in tonight...I wonder what "sweet treat" will be on the late night menu?!)

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