Recouping On The Road To Ohio...For A Surprise Birthday Weekend

Wednesday I had another surgery for my dental implants.  This time it was the drilling of the posts into the bone that had been grafted back in May.  I had started dreading that surgery about a week before it was to occur.  The memories of that surgery was still etched in my mind and I was hoping and praying that this one would not be as painful. 

When Robby had returned from his last hunting trip, we laid in bed one night discussing the possibility of taking a road trip to see Caitlin for her birthday weekend in Ohio before she came in for Christmas.  I reminded him that I had my surgery scheduled for the week after Thanksgiving and we decided that we would leave right after it...I mean RIGHT AFTER it.

We drove to Shreveport for my surgery at 11:15 and as soon as it was over, we got on the road.  I took my pain pill and nausea medicine and needless to say, I was knocked out immediately.  The first time I came to, we were in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I took some more medicine, went to sleep again and when I awoke we were in Tennessee.  We stopped for dinner and my diet of soup began.  After eating we got in the car and yes...I took some more medication, snuggled down with my pillow (having your own pillow with you makes the world right...) and fell asleep again.  We arrived in Nashville around 11 p.m. and checked into our hotel for the night.  I was asleep in bed before our luggage arrived in our room.

Robby had booked us a room in Nashville at the Gaylord for two nights; we needed to rest before traveling on the last eight hours.  The trip from our house to Caitlin's is an 18 hour drive!  When I got up the next morning I was thankful that the pain from my surgery was not nearly as bad as the last one had been.  I did, however, feel very drained.  The Gaylord was a beautiful place to stay, decorated for Christmas...

We got up early Friday morning to start our last eight hours of driving.  It was really cold outside and I was feeling pretty rough; it was going to be a long day.  I kept texting Kevin throughout the day, letting him know where we were and about what time we would arrive.  I was also texting Caitlin at the same time, leading her to believe that I was recuperating at our Lake House in Natchitoches.  At 4:30 p.m. we drove up to Caitlin and Kevin's apartment...walked to their door and knocked.  Kevin answered the door and stepped aside as I peeked around him to see Caitlin in her pajamas laying on the couch watching T.V.  I cannot tell you how surprised she was to see us!  She just kept saying, "Oh my gosh...I can't believe y'all are here!...And you drove?!"

I cannot remember being so tired in a long time and after going out to get dinner (another soup for me...) I put on my pajamas, laid on the couch and fell asleep once again.  Although it had been a long couple of days it had been well worth it to surprise Caitlin for her birthday weekend!

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  1. Great surprise and hope you get to feeling better soon. We left a surprise at the lake too for the little miss.