Christmas King Cake and Masked Kids...

Ryan and Allison came through town last night on their way to spend the weekend with her family in Texas.  She is a nurse and has to work on Christmas Eve so they are dividing their time between the families this year.  They came bearing an early gift from New Orleans, a Manny Randazzo Christmas King Cake...

If you have never had one of these King Cakes...ORDER ONE to be delivered to your house!  They are SO YUMMY!!!

These two also came bearing something else as well.  Allison had been sick with some terrible respiratory illness this week and although she said she felt better, poor girl still sounded pretty bad and I could tell she was washed out.  Ryan had begun feeling bad earlier in the day and I was convinced he might have the flu!  We had a doctor order some Tamiflu for him to pick up on his way through town and when Caitlin and I were in town, she decided that we needed to purchase some masks (and Lysol!  She's turning into a germophobe, like her mom...) to keep the germs from spreading...

    As you can see, Robby is NOT a germophobe, allowing Ryan to sit in his chair with him.

And Allison (in her mask...) is talking to another masked kid.  David decided to try on his hunting gear and terrorize the two weenie dogs!

Preparations are coming along for the rest of our Christmas festivities...and Caitlin's baby shower tomorrow.  And we're praying that Ryan and Allison start feeling better SOON!


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  1. Merry Christmas! Hoping the flu doesn't spread. Thank you for sharing at the hop :-)