My BIG, FAT Family Just Keeps Getting BIGGER And FATTER!!!

I have been SO busy working on getting all of my Christmas presents wrapped (sigh...),  preparing for Caitlin's baby shower this Saturday AND getting ready for my kids to begin arriving for Christmas.  I have still been resting my thumb and it appears to be better (yippee!) so hopefully Dr. Dave won't have to give me an injection in it (whew!).  In the midst of all this we were FINALLY allowed to "Let the Cat Outta the Bag"...

                                                            David and Codi are expecting!

We have known for a little while but were told to keep it quiet until they were ready to tell.  "Baby Rogenmoser" is due July 5th and that will make Robby and I Poppi and YaYa again!!!

Yep!  2013 is already promising to be a very busy year...Baby Holli is due April 4th, Ryan and Allison are getting married June 15th and "Baby Rogenmoser" is due July5th!!!

Our "Little" family which began 30 years ago with 2 and quickly grew to 6, will soon multiply  to a BIG, FAT 14!!!  Loving this BIG, FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY...We are BLESSED!

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  1. Love the shot of the baby standing on it's head! Congrats to all!